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About New York Journey

New York Journey is one of the most comprehensive travel portals on the internet, offering users an in-depth look at what is for offer in the Big Apple. This site is essentially a New York travel guide which provides visitors with a wide range of services from New York City hotel bookings, tour links, historical information and even great New York shopping sources.

New York Travel Guide

Whether you have never set foot in Manhattan or whether you are a seasoned traveler or even a New Yorker yourself, you will find our New York travel site extremely useful. New York Journey is continuously updated to provide you with the most current information on the hottest shows and the trendiest New York shopping regions. Our history section will teach you things you never knew about the City that Never Sleeps, and will make you feel like you were on a personalized guided tour.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that visitors to our site will be able to find a solution to every single one of the requirements that they need to make their New York travel experience as memorable as possible. From the most basic of requirements – New York City hotel accommodation – to finding their way around the city, visiting the different areas, shopping in the most popular stores, eating in highly-recommended restaurants and taking in a popular show or two – visitors will find an answer to all their needs in one, compact and extremely easy to use site.

All in all, New York Journey is a one-stop user-friendly must-see for anybody interested in visiting one of the greatest cities in the world.

New York City Hotels

Above all else, we, at New York Journey, specialize in New York City hotel accommodation. We offer one of the most comprehensive lists of direct booking links to over 100 hotels in the city – ranging from luxury hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton Central Park to more budget oriented accommodation.

By simply clicking on the “All Hotels” link, visitors will be taken directly to a list of every one of the New York City hotels offered on our site, arranged in alphabetical order to make your search as easy as possible. Information about exactly where the New York hotel is situated and its star rating is provided at a glance, along with a link to book your reservation directly on line.

In addition, by simply clicking on the New York City hotel’s name, visitors are provided with comprehensive and pertinent information about the hotel, including its address, contact details, accommodation, special features, dining facilities, rates, payment options and even color photographs of the hotel. Needless to say, all of the above is provided in an easy-to-use format that makes searching for the perfect New York City hotel a dream!

Local New York Travel Information

New York travel is renowned for hundreds of attractions, fine buildings, restaurants, colorful neighborhoods and other great features. If you are from out of town, you might find it difficult to pinpoint where exactly you would like to stay in the city. New York Journey has divided New York into different areas: Midtown West, Midtown East, Murray Hill, Upper West Side, Upper East Side and other districts. Each area is described in detail, showing exactly what is particular to that part of town, including restaurants and local attractions. Visitors have quick access to all the New York City hotels in that area, including star rating and online booking.

Getting Around

The most important tool that any tourist needs to own is a good New York City map. While New York is exciting and vibrant, it is imperative that when visitors embark on New York travel that they understand where they are in relation to other parts of the city, and what the main attractions of that area are. New York Journey allows you quick access to maps of New York City neighborhoods of the city: including Central Park, the Financial District, Little Italy, SoHo and Greenwich Village. Each NYC map is clear, easy to understand and makes finding your way around the city as easy as pie. All New York travel maps are marked with street names and popular tourist destinations are highlighted.

Entertainment in the Big Apple

New York travel would be incomplete without a night out on Broadway to grab a show. There is no city in the world with so much theatrical action going on at any given time and if you are planning a visit to the Big Apple, be sure to get in as many shows as you are able.

New York Journey has divided its ‘Magic of Broadway’ section into a user-friendly list of the most popular Broadway shows in the city that are currently running. Visitors can choose from a list of Best Selling Broadway theater shows, Broadway musical shows, Broadway plays and special productions. Each list provides the visitor with the name of the show, where it’s located and the opportunity to purchase Broadway tickets online at the click of a button. Visitors can also read more about each show by simply clicking on their titles. Now there is no need to stand in long lines at ticket offices. New York Journey makes a visit to Broadway both convenient and pleasurable.

New York Sightseeing Tours

What would New York travel be without some major sightseeing? There is so much to do and see that sometimes the choice can be downright confusing and overwhelming. New York Journey simplifies your sightseeing choices for you by bringing you the very best New York travel tours available on the market under easy-to-read headings and categories that suit every personal taste and lifestyle.

Our New York sightseeing Tours section provides current and comprehensive information on tours ranging from Top Selling New York City travel tours, night tours, day tours, cruises, culinary tours and even shopping tours. Whatever your desire and whatever your fetish, our detailed list is sure to contain a tour that suits you to the tee.

The New York travel tour list provides visitors with the name of the tour, its departure location and the opportunity to book online – all at a glance. A quick click on the title of the tour provides more details about the sightseeing tour itself, including an itinerary, the duration of the tour and, of course, the price in US$.

Visitors are also provided with the opportunity to purchase day tours that will take them on short excursions out of New York, such as a trip to Philadelphia and Amish Country. Under this section, visitors can also purchase New York travel passes and bus tickets if they would like to do some individual sightseeing in the Big Apple.

Major NYC Attractions

There is so much to do and so much to see in New York City that a visit needs to be planned in detail before arriving. But how can visitors plan anything if they don’t know what is available in the first place? This is where New York Journey steps in.

Our site provides a detailed list of New York’s top tourist attractions. By reading through our list, visitors will see that New York is more than just the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Visitors can find information about a diverse range of locations to visit, including Carnegie Hall, Ellis Island, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the United Nations Headquarters and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The list of tourist attractions presents the locations in alphabetical order and provides their addresses at a glance. By clicking on the attraction’s name, visitors can read more detailed information about it, including the site’s history, what there is to see, other attractions nearby and opening hours where applicable. Visitors are also provided with quick links to sightseeing tours that run to these attractions and the possibility of booking these tours online. Planning your New York travel itinerary has never been easier, by using New York Journey’s site, of course.

Shopping in New York City

No New York travel trip would be complete without an all-out splurge in one of the world’s greatest shopping capitals. Whether you are out looking for the perfect souvenir or simply wish to rub shoulders with the city’s rich and famous, New York Journey has come up with a great list of shops for you to pick from.

A quick-glance list provides visitors with the name of the store and its physical location (including its full address) in New York City. By clicking on the store’s name, readers can see exactly what the store has to offer in terms of purchasers, what type of goods it stocks, and other additional services and features unique to each store.

Enjoy a whole new world of shopping in New York using New York Journey’s up-to-date data. Save precious time while traveling in New York by planning your shopping expeditions beforehand and knowing exactly where to find what, without the need to drift from store to store and not finding what you set out to buy in the first place.

New York Dining

With New York being such a melting pot of cultures, it comes as no surprise that the culinary delights of this city are some of the best in the world. With over 17000 restaurants and eateries in the city, a tourist could have quite a problem pinpointing exactly what to eat, where to find the best type of specific food and what price ranges to expect.

New York Journey offers potential diners an excellent service in the form of a list that presents the very best restaurants in their range. The list advises visitors where to find the best pizza restaurants, the best delis, the best bagel restaurants – (what would a trip to New York be without tasting a bagel!) - and the best Chinese and Italian restaurants. The restaurants are listed in alphabetical order, showing their physical addresses, telephone numbers and the neighborhoods where they are situated. Most New York restaurants listed also have links to their specific home pages, where diners can read menus, discover prices and read more about the services available at each restaurant.

NYC History Guide

Whether you are new to New York or whether you have lived there for 20 years, you can never know too much about this amazing location. New York Journey’s fascinating history section will trace with you the origins of the city from the early days when Henry Hudson discovered it right through to the present time.

This section of our New York travel site also provides readers with detailed information about some of New York’s most notable neighborhoods, including the TriBeCa area, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Chelsea, China Town and SoHo. Each neighborhood is discussed, with a link provided to area specific maps of New York.

New York Journey - Making New York Travel Easier

This site offers a toll-free New York City hotel reservations number that can be called from within the United States or throughout the globe. In addition, our site’s homepage provides a list of feature New York City hotels that allow you instant booking options and detailed information about these special places.

It is hard to believe that so much useful and detailed New York travel information can be crammed into one website. But that is just the case with New York Journey. However, over and beyond the sheer quantity of information, the site has not overlooked the fact that users deserve information that can be found quickly and easily. Lists are provided in alphabetical order with links to maps, more detailed information and other pertinent facts. The site map allows users to access a master list of everything that is available on the site.

New York Journey is your one-stop New York travel shop for all your needs for planning your trip to the City that Never Sleeps – bringing the information about this crazy, wonderful and exciting place right to your fingertips.