Italian American Museum

Italian American Museum

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy on Mulberry Street, this small museum is packed with a lot of history. Its memorabilia, illustrations and artifacts tell the story of the struggles and achievements of Italian Americans. In addition to its collections and exhibitions the Italian American Museum also offers the community many special events including film festivals, music programs and art exhibitions. There are also talks and lectures given on the history of the contributions of Italian Americans.

Italian American Museum

A Cornerstone for the Community

The Italian American Museum is dedicated to showing the many ways Italian Americans influenced not only New York City but the United States. The historic location of the building at the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets reflects the tradition and importance of community for Italians. It is situated where the “Banca Stabile” once stood, a bustling hub in the neighbourhood for newly arrived immigrants from Italy. Founded in 1885, this building served as much more than just a bank. It became a community service center providing Italians with many important services such as banking, travel arrangement and postal services. It gave them an important link to their relatives in Italy. The building has been restored and preserved, and now houses the Italian American Museum.

Visiting the Italian American Museum in New York City

This museum is located at 155 Mulberry Street on the southwest corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets and is accessible by subway, bus or car. subway, bus or car.

Location: 155 Mulberry Street, New York City, New York
Phone: 212-965-9000

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