American Museum of Natural History | NYC | Explore & Learn

by Denise Marie

Located in Manhattan, New York, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the oldest and most visited attractions of its kind in the United States. From dinosaur fossils and animal dioramas to ancient artifacts and extraterrestrial relics, the AMNH has dozens of galleries that celebrate biodiversity and anthropology.

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History of the Museum
The museum dates back to its founding in 1869 when the official bill was signed to create the American Museum of Natural History by New York Governor John Thompson Hoffman. John David Wolfe became president of the museum in 1870 and it wasn’t until 1871 when a series of collections went on display for the first time in the Central Park Arsenal. Central Park Arsenal was the original home of the museum.

The museum outgrew its original building and moved to its current location in 1874. However, the first building didn’t open to the public until 1877 after President Rutherford Hayes performed the public ceremony.

From 1880 to the early 1930’s the museum was involved with many expeditions that took place to discover unmapped areas of Siberia, North Poke, Gobi and Mongolia. These explorations sent representatives and scientists on a journey all around the globe to bring back different discoveries that would become artifacts in the museum today.

Exhibits and Amenities

The Hall of Biodiversity at the AMNH feature dioramas of some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Notable galleries in this exhibit include the Dzanga-Sangha Rain Forest, Spectrum of Life and Endangered Species. At the Hall of Ocean Life, visitors will discover hundreds of aquatic species. Covering nearly 30,000 sq feet, this section includes a life-size replica of a blue whale. The world’s most beloved animals are also featured in the Mammal Halls. The Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians includes presentations on the alligator, Komodo dragon and other cold-blooded animals.

If you’re curious about extinct beasts, check out the Fossil Halls. Hundreds of authentic and restored dinosaur fossils are on display in these halls. A dinosaur fossil also stands in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda near the main entrance. The Rose Center for Space and Earth covers everything from the Big Bang and astronomy to aerospace and aeronautics. Don’t forget to explore the Human Origins and Cultural Halls, which focus on ancient and modern civilizations.

Located on the lower level, the Museum Food Court serves dozens of a la carte items, including gluten-free treats. Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages are available at the Cafe on One, which is located on the first level. Gourmet snacks may be purchased at the Cafe on Four, which overlooks 77th Street.

Occupying three levels, the museum shop sells books, toys, puzzles, artwork and other souvenirs relating to the exhibits on display. The Planetarium Shop and Cosmic Shop sell an array of interesting items relating to outer space. Kids can buy awesome dinosaur-themed merchandise at the Dino Store on the fourth level. Additionally, the special exhibitions at the AMNH often include temporary vendor kiosks.

Location and Travel Tips

The American Museum of Natural History has its own subway station near the corner of 81st Street and Central Park West. You can take the B and C trains to this underground station in Manhattan’s Upper West Side district. An on-site parking garage is also accessible from 81st Street. Additionally, the AMNH is located just steps away from the scenic Central Park, one of NYC’s premier green spaces.

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Beacon Theatre | Live Performances in an Iconic Venue

by Denise Marie

Located in Manhattan, New York City, the Beacon Theatre offers premium live entertainment in a historic setting. Standing on Broadway, this iconic venue hosts comedy shows, concerts and other events each month.

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Brief History and Fun Facts

Originally built in 1929, the Beacon Theatre is a prime example of a vaudeville-era venue that still entertains visitors. American architect Walter William Ahlschlager designed this entertainment center in a style that truly captured the glitz and glamour of motion pictures in the Roaring Twenties. Throughout the decades, the complex hosted concerts by some of the greatest American music bands, such as the Rolling Stones, Coldplay and the Allman Brothers Band. Hailing from New York, legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld also earned a residency at this historic theatre. Additionally, the venue has previously hosted the Tribeca Film Festival and Tony Awards.

Looking to expand its presence in the New York market, the well-established Madison Square Garden Company acquired this famous entertainment facility in 2006. The theatre’s calendar is typically booked with shows featuring comedians, music artists and other entertainers who go on nationwide tours.

Facilities and Amenities

The Beacon Theatre has three tiers of seating for approximately 2,600 spectators. Visitors will love the original neo-Grecian design of this historic venue. Tall columns, murals and other ornamental elements decorate the interior of this famous entertainment facility. Premium seating is available at the Orchestra Level, which offers some of the best views of the center stage. Other seating options include the Lodge, Lower Balcony and Upper Balcony. Elevators aren’t available at this theatre, so guests will have to use the stairways to reach the upper levels.

The box office is open Monday through Sunday, but operating hours depend on the start time of the scheduled shows. There aren’t any on-site food and beverage options, but you’ll find lots of restaurants and bars on Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Before a show, you can hang out at the nearby Verdi Square, a small municipal park with gardens, monuments and other public amenities.

Location and Transportation Options

Situated on Manhattan’s iconic Broadway thoroughfare, the Beacon Theatre is within walking distance of the 72nd Street Broadway Station. The 1, 2 and 3 subway trains serve this underground rapid transit hub in the Upper West Side neighborhood. Drivers may use the official ParkWhiz mobile application to reserve parking near this iconic place. The Henry Hudson Parkway and Central Park West are only a few blocks away from this attraction.

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One World Trade Center – A Shining Beacon in NYC

by Denise Marie

Rebuilt on the ruins of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, One World Trade Center is a contemporary skyscraper with architectural, cultural and economic significance. Standing 1,776 feet above the vibrant streets of New York City, this landmark is home to several attractions that are open to the general public, including an observation level with a restaurant.

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Attractions and Highlights

The One World Observatory: An Experience Above is one of the most popular attractions in the Big Apple. Located on the 102nd level of One WTC, the observation level allows visitors to admire the city’s famous skyline and surrounding landscapes. The experience begins with a quick ride on the signature SkyPod Elevators. After looking at skyscrapers, rivers and harbors, guests may enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks at One Dine, a high-end restaurant that also offers panoramic views of NYC. Situated on the 64th floor of the skyscraper, One World Commons is an exclusive facility that’s designed to improve work-related productivity. Only tenants of the building have access to the 25,000-square-foot venue, which includes the Sky Lobby, Work Cafe, game rooms and conference rooms. One World Commons is one of the most innovative work spaces in the city.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is essentially an enormous courtyard at the footsteps of One World Trade Center. As the name implies, this complex is dedicated to the horrific events that occurred at the site in September of 2001. The two large reflecting pools at the memorial commemorate all of the innocent lives lost in the attacks. Visitors can also pay tribute to the victims of the attacks at the state-of-the-art museums, which includes several permanent galleries with authentic artifacts recovered from the ruins of the Twin Towers. The museum has some of the most emotionally charged exhibits in NYC, such as Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden and Memorial Exhibition: In Memoriam.

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Location and Getting There

Occupying an entire block in Lower Manhattan, New York City, One World Trade Center is best accessible by rapid transit. Multiple New York City Subway lines serve the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Port Authority-Trans Hudson (PATH) trains also serve this modern station, which includes the iconic Oculus building. Additionally, the transit hub is within walking distance of riverfront docks that are served by the New York Water Taxi and the State Island Ferry. There are also plenty of indoor parking garages and NYC Citi Bike kiosks near One WTC.

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