New York City in June

by NYJ Team

Visiting New York in June is a must for those who like a taste of everything. The weather isn’t too warm and although the city is bustling, it’s not yet unpleasantly full with the summer rush of tourists.

Average highs and lows of 79?F (26?C) and 64?F (18?C) still means the occasional sweater and umbrella use is necessary, but with outdoor season starting in New York, the colder days are few and far between.

The numerous outdoor music and film festivals which include the Bryant Park Film Festival, Jazz Festival and Shakespeare in the Park should give travellers a great taste of New York’s cultural scene. Most of these festivals are also free. It is advisable to pack a picnic basket and a blanket to make the festivals just that much more comfortable.

June also welcomes the Restaurant Week back, where New York’s top eateries offer 5 star meals at discount prices. There is also the Annual Lesbian and Gay Pride Week, Puerto Rican Day Parade and Mermaid Parade to look out for – entertainment in true cosmopolitan New York style. June in New York is definitely a time for the outdoors and cultural experiences.

Fleet Week

by NYJ Team

Fleet Week, taking place from May 23 to 30, 2007, is one event that should not be missed. Any person with a remote interest in the sea – and even those without any – will revel in the splendour of what Fleet Week has to offer. Thousands of sailors, marines, coast guardsmen and naval officers from around the world will participate in this year’s event. Having taken place almost every year since 1984, Fleet Week is New York’s way of thanking its servicemen as well as making the armed forces more accessible to the wider community.

This is also an opportunity for the US to show off its latest toys, with visitors to Fleet Week able to board certain vessels and watch the exhibitors demonstrate some of the newest naval technology on offer. Furthermore, there will also be international ships participating in Fleet Week and therefore an opportunity to see what other countries’ naval forces have to offer. Visitors to Fleet Week are also able to personally meet the personnel who man the vessels. In 2006, almost 100,000 people visited this event and this year the number is expected to grow.

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AIDS Walk New York

by NYJ Team

Vacations should be a time of escaping everyday life. Getting away from it all. However, vacationing in New York means that there is always something on the go and in the case of the AIDS Walk it is something extremely worthwhile. The AIDS Walk this year will be taking place on May 20th with the main focus being on completing the first 25 years in the fight against AIDS. Although a lot more is understood about AIDS than two decades ago, unfortunately the war is far from over as a cure is yet to be found.

The Walk calls on all citizens of New York City – big corporations and individuals alike – to step up to the plate and help with the scourge called the AIDS pandemic. AIDS affects millions of people around the world and stands as the biggest threat to human existence. Only through awareness can AIDS be reined in. Both corporate and private teams can enter the Walk, with all proceeds going towards AIDS research and clinics. It is also possible to sponsor a team or an individual.

One way to feel a part of New York City’s unique culture is to become involved in the AIDS walk in some capacity. This can be done through a small donation, as a spectator or as a participant.

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