Shopping up a Storm in NYC

by NYJ Team

To call New York City a ‘shopping Mecca’ would be an understatement. New York City offers the ultimate shopping experience – no matter what your taste. Want it all under one roof? Visit a department store. Take a stroll along world-famous avenues and streets that offer designer stores.  

Most of the big international brands have mega stores that stock the widest range of their products. Niketown (57th Street) offers anything Nike you may ever want and the Sony Store (Madison Avenue) has all of the latest Sony technologies. The Apple Store (Prince Street) boasts majestic glass architecture before you even get through the doors!  

Streets Ahead
New York City plays host to some world-renowned shopping streets that offers a retail experience like none other. Soak up the New York City sites and sounds as you negotiate pedestrian bustle with your latte in hand. 

Madison Avenue
The high-end designer stores that line Madison Avenue read like a who’s who of the fashion industry. It comes as no surprise that this is a favorite amongst the rich and famous, who come looking for their day-to-day gear from big name designers and niche boutiques.

Fifth Avenue
Parallel to Madison Avenue is Fifth Avenue, offering more of the top names in the retail and a sumptuous New York shopping experience. Fifth Avenue is also home to some of the leading department stores in the world, as well as the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Centre. Such an array of attractions means there’s no chance of your running out of things to do on Fifth Avenue. 

Department Stores
Department stores are the best places to conveniently find an array of what is on offer from all the big brands and old favorites. There are a number of infamous department stores along the streets of New York City.  

Bloomingdale’s sits on Third Avenue and is a right of passage for any New York City shopper. Bloomingdale’s is known for its wide variety of merchandise, as well as its generous sales.  

Macy’s is also along Fifth Avenue and is also somewhat of a New York City shopping institution, offering almost everything within a single store. They also claim to be the largest department store in the world! 

Saks Fifth Avenue has all the major American and European labels at this top end store that offers a shopping experience, boasting a free personal shopping service. 

Barney’s New York is on Madison Avenue and is one of the trendier of the department stores in New York City, where you can get all of the most fashionable designer brands.  

Henri Bendel is aptly situated along Fifth Avenue and is more of a boutique department store, offering a glimpse at up and coming designers for New York City’s trendsetter crowd. 

Century 21 is a bargain hunter’s paradise offering designer brands at unimaginably low prices. You’ll need to fend for yourself through the crowds, but it’s well worth the effort! 

Bergdorf Goodman and Bergdorf Goodman Men are both luxury department stores situated on Fifth Avenue and offer top fashions and home ware to those with a discerning sense of style.

Other Shopping Venues
If you are less into labels and vivaciously vintage, East Village boasts a number of small second hand stores where you can get some great bargains on relics of the past. Peruse aisle after aisle of retro garb and leather jackets – each with its own distinct history. Find a colorful array of souvenirs from your visit to New York City from the many street vendors. You’ll also find a numerous vendors selling cheap designer replica accessories that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing – and are a fraction of the price. 

You should also make a point of trying out the food that the street vendors offer. You’ll find quintessential New York grub, such as bagels, hot dogs and pretzels to keep your energy levels in shopping mode.

October in New York City

by NYJ Team

October is one of those perfect months to visit New York – the city has wonderful weather, great happenings and the pre-holiday excitement is almost tangible in the air. The days are still warm enough to be comfortable, with average temperature highs at 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius), with lows hitting 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). Bear in mind that the nights may be cool so it’s advisable to pack a warm sweater or jacket for evening outings. Other things to remember to pack are comfortable walking shoes – water resistant if possible – and season appropriate clothing.  

There is lots to see and do in New York in the month of October. Firstly, New York is well-known for its wonderful fall foliage in the many parks and wooded areas in and around the city. Central Park especially is the perfect place to enjoy the changing seasons and to enjoy the wonderful spectacles of nature. In addition, the crisp weather makes it the perfect time to take in some of those interesting walking tours that New York City is so famous for. 

Many visitors take advantage of the three day Columbus Day weekend during October to plan their trip, to watch the famous parade or enjoy the Mass at the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Finally, October is Halloween month and visitors can enjoy some of the wonderful activities surrounding this holiday that are spread around the city, for young and old alike, such as the positively ghoulish Halloween Parade that is held each year. Accommodation and flight prices may rise in October because of the approaching holiday season, so it may be wise to shop around for the best deals and avoid disappointment.

New York’s Best Parks

by NYJ Team

New York City is home to some of the best parks in the world. We highlight some of the city’s top parks:

Central Park
Covering 6% of the entire Manhattan area, Central Park is probably the location best associated with the city. This park is a haven for New Yorkers seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and incorporates a number of attractions in its 843 acres. Visitors can enjoy biking, walks, skating, swimming and a number of top sports facilities. In addition, other major attractions include the Central Park Zoo, the Children’s Zoo, restaurants, interesting architecture, regular shows and programs, as well as breathtaking nature.

Prospect Park
Set in Brooklyn, and bordering on diverse neighborhoods, Prospect Park covers 585 acres and offers visitors the chance to enjoy many attractions. These include the popular Long Meadow, a 60-acre lake, hillsides, boating and picnicking. The park – which attracts a whopping 7-million visitors a year – is popular for its natural features and offers city dwellers an oasis in the middle of the city’s most populous borough.

Bryant Park
Set in midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park is a magnet for business people wishing to take their lunch surrounded by greenery and nature. Visitors – which number over 20,000 each day – can enjoy many of the amenities, including a French Carousel, traditional games such as chess, regular shows and displays, dining and nature watching on one of the 2000 moveable chairs scattered around the park.

Madison Square Garden
This historic park, covering 6.2 acres between Fifth and Madison avenues in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, enjoyed a revival in 2002 after it was rid of crime elements and a project was launched to build a playground, a successful dining area and other amenities to attract the crowds. Today, visitors enjoy flourishing gardens, regular cultural programs and a place for the whole family to visit.

Hudson River Park
Built to incorporate five miles of parkland and waterfront, visitors to Hudson River Park will find an enormous array of sports and community facilities. Visitors can enjoy boating, walking, cycling, ballgames and other physical activities. In addition, the park regularly hosts educational and cultural programs that attract young and old. features a detailed list of attractions in New York City.