Things to do in the City in August

by NYJ Team

Although August may be drier and slightly cooler than July, it is nevertheless a hot and humid month in New York City and visitors should take that into account when packing for their trip to the Big Apple. This is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy long summer nights, a multitude of cultural events and beautiful parks.

August is a great time to enjoy many free concerts and activities in the many parks scattered around the city. Shakespeare in the Park, for example, is a much-loved summer time theatrical event that has brought some of the best plays written by the Bard to over four million people since it began in 1954.

Central Park SummerStage is another venue that culture vultures should head out to during August. This location hosts numerous shows, dance and musical events throughout the summer, many of them for free. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets to spread out on the grass and enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Film buffs will love August’s Bryant Park movie screenings, when a huge screen is put up in the park every Monday night, and some of the best film creations are shown under the open stars. Movies begin typically at sunset and this type of excursion makes a romantic night out for those looking for something a little different.

Harlem Week is an event that actually covers nearly the whole month of August and pays tribute to the urban, culture, ethnic and recreational contribution of the colorful neighborhood of Harlem to the nation. This event is America’s largest cultural celebration and attracts literally millions of visitors each year to enjoy the smells, tastes and trends of what many see as the epitome of New York.

Other things to look out for August include baseball season and Women’s Liberty Season.

New York City in August

by NYJ Team

While many local New Yorkers try to avoid staying in the city during the month of August because of the heat, the Big Apple can actually be quite an exciting place to be during the summer. True, August is usually hot and humid – with temperatures reaching average highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 69 degrees Fahrenheit. However, August is usually cooler and drier than July and therefore slightly more pleasant.

A visit to New York in August calls for extra packing considerations. Tourists would be wise to take with closed (preferably water resistant) walking shoes, a light sweater (to keep warm in air-conditioned museums and other public places), as well as an umbrella and waterproof picnic blanket (for those wonderful free concerts in the park).

For visitors who want to see as much as they can of this exciting city during August but feel that walking tours in the heat are too much to handle, air-conditioned bus tours are a great way to see New York. As evening falls on the city, August is also a wonderful time to take in some free festivals, concerts and films in New York’s beautiful parks and other outdoor locations.

Exciting August events in the city include the Met Opera in the Parks event, the New York Philharmonic Concerts in the Park, the HBO Bryant Park Film Festival and – of course – baseball season!

As long as visitors remember to drink plenty of water in order to keep hydrated, the Big Apple in August can be a wonderful, exciting place and will definitely give a feeling of being true New Yorkers!

New York City Waterfalls

by NYJ Team

From July to October, 2008, visitors to New York and residents alike will be able to enjoy a breathtaking artistic creation in the form of “New York City Waterfalls.” The city’s non profit Public Art Fund, a leading presenter of artists’ projects for over thirty years, has commissioned renowned Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson to produce four waterfalls in the East River, the intention being to draw attention to the waterfront area of New York.

On display each day from 7 am. to late at night, the 90 – 120 feet tall waterfalls can be viewed from a number of strategic points around the city, although the best way to see them up close would be from the water. Visitors have the option of taking a half hour Waterfalls Water Tour that runs over a dozen times a day from Southstreet Seaport. Another alternative would be to take the free daily Staten Island Ferry or the free Governors Island Ferry that runs over the weekend.

The four waterfalls, situated at Brooklyn Bridge, Governors Island, Pier 35 in Manhattan and Piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn, can also be viewed from the waterfront.

Eliasson, whose work is inspired by the natural elements such as wind, light and water, and who is considered one of the world’s most influential contemporary artists, has taken great care to produce his four masterpieces with an environmental agenda. Filtering systems protect the fish and aquatic life in the water around the waterfalls, and green energy and building practices were used at all times.

The project’s curator, Rochelle Steiner said: “He has found a way to integrate the spectacular beauty of nature into the urban landscape on a dramatic scale.”

After sunset, the four waterfalls will be illuminated to allow visitors from miles around to enjoy these magnificent man-made creations and the beautiful New York City shoreline.

Click for the official site of the New York City Waterfalls.