September in New York City

by NYJ Team

If visitors are looking for a good time to visit New York City, September might be the perfect month to do so. Not only have the summer crowds thinned but the weather is also wonderful. What is means is visitors can discover the city without having to battle the masses to see popular destinations. Also, September is still early enough in the autumn season to avoid paying the higher prices for hotel rooms that come with the peak travel season.While most local New Yorkers escape from the city during the summer months to avoid the heat and humidity, September brings with it a coolness that makes it quite pleasant. True, subways and streets may still be uncomfortable in the lingering summer heat, but it is usually pleasant enough to enjoy a walking tour and most evenings are cool enough to even require a jacket. Average highs in September are 76°F (24°C), with average lows being 61°F (16°C).

It is still essential to remember to pack an umbrella for sudden summer showers, as well as a waterproof jacket or sweater for cooler nights. While most summer activities have ended by now, it is still recommended to pack a waterproof blanket to enjoy sitting on the grass in the parks with a picnic basket in the evenings. As far as shoes go, it is probably best to pack good walking shoes, preferably closed and waterproof, for some serious pavement pounding.

Walking tours are great activities for travellers wanting to learn more about neighbourhoods like the famous East Village or the Lower East side but don’t know where to start. New York City neighbourhoods are packed with history that a guide can provide as you stroll through the streets and take in the sights. Click for a list NYC walking tours.


by NYJ Team

I LOVE NEW YORK recently unveiled pro bono, star-studded television spots to promote New York State travel for 2010. I LOVE NEW YORK, New York State’s iconic tourism campaign, and legendary director Bob Giraldi teamed up to produce the spots, which feature a cast of New York celebrities, including film and television star Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock” creator and star Tina Fey, author and television host Rachael Ray, and New York Jets star quarterback Mark Sanchez. The celebrities volunteered their time and talent, taking a few moments to say what they loved most about New York. 

From the Erie Canal Harbor in Buffalo to the Walkway over the Hudson and the lights on Broadway, there are millions of reasons to love New York. For more information on New York’s travel destinations, you can follow I LOVE NEW YORK on Twitter and check out the New York State 2010 Travel Guide. The guide features green travel, outdoor adventures, art and culture, history, family travel, food and drink, shopping and unique lodging. Visitors will also find itineraries for great trips throughout the state. Discover another reason to love New York and check out the commercial by visiting