OMG Jeans – Best Shop & Site in New York for Shopping Brand Casual Wear at 70% Off

by NYJ Team

This post has been written by guest blogger, OMG Jeans

OMG Jeans, is a premium jeans retail store in New York. With 10 locations in New York City, they have very lucrative shops for top brand jeans and casual jeans. For buying jeans, the shops in NYC have very good customer experience that makes jeans and casualwear buying simple, easy, and entertaining. Whatever your style may be, you should try out OMG outlets if you live in New York or visit New York as tourist.

With the launch of discount jeans, designer sunglasses, designer underwear for men and many more casual wear were recently taken online. The site also offers a diverse selection of classic clothes that’ll never go out of style. Their online shop is heavily conected with social media that makes the social sharing and peer-based fashion decision making experience more pleasing.

Recently, OMG Jeans has announced brand new Customer Loyalty Program. Their VIP Club allows shoppers access to up to 70% Off on some of their favorite brands! You don’t need to live in NYC or be a member of the many outlets they have. You also can enter VIP Club through online purchases. With prices too low to publish to the web, simply sign in to your account on to access this special VIP Pricing. Sign up is FREE and takes 10 seconds.

Instead of their everyday low prices, users can the following stuffs at lowest prices found anywhere:

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses
  • Levi’s Jeans
  • NYC Shirts
  • Keds Sneakers
  • Car Shirts
  • Puma Bags
  • 2xist Underwear
  • DKNY Jeans
  • And many more casualwears

NYC casual wear and street style is a part of the OMG brand and identity. They carry clothes that represent the city and bring the street style and cool simplicity of New Yorkers to the web. Visit and create an account for saving up to 70% off with their Customer Loyalty Program!

Italian American Museum | Center for Jewish History | Rubin Museum of Art

by NYJ Team

We’ve just added new reviews for some museums and NYC attractions. Here are a few…

Italian American Museum
Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy on Mulberry Street, this small museum is packed with a lot of history. Its memorabilia, illustrations and artifacts tell the story of the struggles and achievements of Italian Americans. In addition to its collections and exhibitions the Italian American Museum also offers the community many special events including film festivals, music programs and art exhibitions… Read more

Center for Jewish History
Serving as a campus to five partner organizations, the Center for Jewish History houses a world-renowned collection of documents, artwork, and photographs that tell the story of centuries of Jewish life. The Center’s collections, which include more than 500,000 volumes and 100 million archival documents, are the largest collection of resources outside of Israel documenting the modern Jewish experience… Read more

Rubin Museum of Art
Nestled in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, this non-profit museum is entirely dedicated to Himalayan art. It boasts the largest collection of religious art in the West from Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan as well as India, Mongolia, and China. The Rubin Museum of Art is located in what was once the women’s section of a Barney’s department store… Read more