Brooklyn Heights in New York City

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Brooklyn Heights is a historical landmark located near the Brooklyn Bridge between south Atlantic Avenue, Old Fulton Street, Cadman Park, Court Street to the east and to the west of East River. It is a middle class neighborhood that was originally known as Brooklyn Village. It is a charming neighborhood to say the least and is noted for its brownstones, scenic houses, tree lined streets and mansions. The neighborhood is home to many historic architecture buildings that were pre-1860s such as the Plymouth Church and is home to many famous icons today such as Paul Giamatti and Mary Tyler Moore.

The neighborhood today is prime real estate with rentals and property sales ranging between $2000 for rent and $500,000 to purchase. One of the major subway hubs to reach Brooklyn Heights is the Borough Hub. It is only a ten minute ride from Manhattan via bus or subway.


Brooklyn Heights in New York City

Brooklyn Heights in New York City


History of Brooklyn Heights

The history of Brooklyn Heights is an interesting one with it being heavily occupied during the Battle of Brooklyn prior to the American Revolutionary War. Back in the 1950s is when property owners started to migrate to the Heights. The new generation started buying up houses and renovating them to consolidate their luxury housing with hopes and expectations of expanding.


What to do in Brooklyn Heights

There are many attractions in Brooklyn Heights ranging from historic tours, shops, restaurants, museums, activities and the Promenade. It is recommended to start out at the Promenade to admire the spectacular view of the East River. You can take a stroll down the walkway to view the Brooklyn Bridge and observe Manhattan at a whole new level.

The Brooklyn Historical Society Museum commenced in Brooklyn Heights. It was founded in the 1860s offering an educational center and a full course library for the studies of the history of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Heights is also home to the largest hotel in New York City, St. George Hotel.

Montague Street is the main street in Brooklyn Heights. This is where you can find plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops. The Rotunda Gallery displaying art exhibitions is located on Clinton Street.

Mini tours are offered of the late 1800s early 1900s Victorian Brooklyn Heights. Since Brooklyn Heights was built by industrialists and bankers this section of the neighborhood gives a better visual of how the Heights was developed.

The Transit Museum is a great place to visit for kids and the entire family. It is located in the neutralized Court Street Subway Station offering hands on activities for educational learning’s of mass transit and old train cars.

There are tons of eateries located throughout the Heights. Some of the more popular restaurants include Lichee Nut Restaurant (Chinese), Iron Chef House (seafood), Sosta (Italian), Tenda Asian Bistro (Japanese), Chipolte (Mexican), Siggy’s Good Food (sandwiches), Lantern (Thai), Tutte Café ( Middle Eastern), Monty Q’s (pizza) and Grand Canyon (American) just to name a few. Every taste bud is accommodated with more than 50 to choose from.


Brooklyn Heights in New York City

Brooklyn Heights in New York City


Visiting Brooklyn Heights

Visiting Brooklyn Heights is recommended if you are looking to relocate to one of the most prominent areas of Brooklyn or just wanting to visit the historical landmark that dates back to the 1830s. Not only is the history interesting but today’s economy and different views of the neighborhood whether you are looking to purchase real estate, take a walk down the Promenade or shop in one of many boutiques.

The New York Botanical Garden

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New York Botanical Gardens is the epitome of nature’s beauty. This 250 acreage of year round natural terrain is one of New York’s mesmerized landmarks and landscapes. It is located at 200th Street and Kazimiroff Blvd. in Bronx, New York. More than 500,000 visitors visit the gardens yearly from all around the world.

The highlights featured at the Botanical Gardens are the 50 assorted plant collections and gardens, the current exhibitions, educational programs, research programs, and the sustainability of the horticulture.

The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden

History of the Gardens

Founded in 1891, the Botanical Gardens today is one of the most visited public gardens in the world ranking up there with the Royal Botanical Gardens of London. The land and acreage was originally acquired by the city to create the gardens and a zoo. When Botanical Gardens are created it was part of the Lorillard Estate which was owned by Pierre Lorillard. It was declared a national historic landmark in 1967.


Gardens and Collections

The beautiful and diverse Native Plant Garden takes the spotlight with Northeastern North America native trees, ferns, wildflowers, and grass that flourish no matter the season.

Daylilies come in all shades of yellow, pink, orange, and red. There are 344 different types of these perennials that can be seen on the Daylily Walk showcase.

The Everett Children’s Adventure Garden is for all young explorers that are seeking the wonders of nature and science. This amazing world of masterminded mazes is a place for all kids to explore the larger than life flowers and hands on activities.

The Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden is where all imaginations and plants grow. This is where you can plant seeds, dig for dirt, play in the mud and learn all about your favorite foods from the other side of the globe.

The Forest is 50 acres of the largest discoveries of woodland. Walk the Native American trails while passing under trees that date back to the American Revolution.

Take a deep breath as you come upon the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden. The glee produced by the fragrance and the imperial visions of the gray, green, white and purple foliage’s take you to the relaxing state of heaven.

Surround yourself with beauty, fragrance and color when you visit the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. This award winning garden features environmental cultivars that has been proven durability within the landscape.

Dominating the tropical venue is the Waterlilies and Lotuses Garden, symbolized by the world’s largest water lily, Victoria Amazonica. People have appreciated the resilience of these plants for many years for their magic and conservatory of eternal life. Lotuses and Water Lilies are displayed in blue, purple, pink and yellow.


Visiting The New York Botanical Garden

In all honesty it doesn’t matter which time of the year you visit the Botanical Garden. It mesmerizes all year round for visitors of all ages. The plant collections and gardens are just two reasons to visit. There are many special events going on each day as well as tours, programs and special activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The Garden is open year round and is closed on major holidays. The Garden and Visitor Center Cafés are open every day but Mondays. For detailed hours and other important information please visit The Botanical Garden website.

The Diamond District | 47th Street NYC

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New York City’s Diamond District is one of the world’s most unique shopping areas, concentrating thousands of independent jewelry and diamond businesses into one single area. Diamond District, situated on 47th Street, attracts thousands of visitors looking for that perfect stone, or simply those wishing to experience a shopping area of the kind not seen in many cities of the world.

Diamond District is situated on 47th Street, between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan. The district is run by a not-for-profit organization – the 47th Street Business Improvement District – that aims to enhance the economic development activities in the area. The organization is made up of merchants and landlords of 47th Street and has gone a long way to make this area safer, cleaner and more appealing to visitors. Some of the changes recently introduced include uniquely designed streetlights, an excellent sanitation program, and a strong relationship with the police force.

What to Buy in the Diamond District
For visitors looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, the Diamond District is definitely the place to be. From loose diamonds to those already set in jewelry, there is something for everyone in this area. In addition, visitors will find craftspeople who can set stones that are brought from home into unique pieces of jewelry for sale. In addition to diamonds, visitors can find practically any type of jewelry available in the district. From antiques to estate jewelry, from watches to pearls, from engraving services to pearl restringing, there is nothing connected to the world of diamonds and jewels that is not represented in the Diamond District.

Jewelry Exchanges
While a small proportion of the merchants in the Diamond District have their own stores in the same way that you would expect to find stores in a mall or downtown, the majority of merchants operate from jewelry ‘exchanges’ that are dotted around the district. These jewelry exchanges – 25 in total – are a collection of independent merchants (up to 100 under a single exchange roof) who all deal with their own goods, allowing visitors to meander from stall to stall, examining the goods and getting the very best bargain to be had.

90% of the diamonds that enter the United States go through New York, and most of these find their way to the Diamond District in the city.

Over 2,600 merchants operate in the Diamond District, making this one of the most concentrated collections of jewelry businesses in the world.

Nearby Attractions
The Diamond District is located in a very central location in New York, making it a great excursion to combine with other sightseeing attractions in the city. The district is situated one block south of Rockefeller Center, three blocks south of Radio City Music Hall and one block east of Broadway. In addition, St. Patrick’s Cathedral can be found three blocks south of the Diamond District.

Visiting the Area
There is simply no other place like the Diamond District in Manhattan. This area offers the ultimate destination for visitors looking for diamonds and fine jewelry and has become an iconic tourist attraction over the years.

Location: situated on 47th Street, between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan.
Mailing Address: 47th Street Business Improvement District, 580 5th Avenue, Suite 323, New York
Phone: 212-302-5739

Click to visit Diamond District official website.