The Diamond District | 47th Street NYC

by Samantha Palmer

New York City’s Diamond District is one of the world’s most unique shopping areas, concentrating thousands of independent jewelry and diamond businesses into one single area. Diamond District, situated on 47th Street, attracts thousands of visitors looking for that perfect stone, or simply those wishing to experience a shopping area of the kind not seen in many cities of the world.

Diamond District is situated on 47th Street, between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan. The district is run by a not-for-profit organization – the 47th Street Business Improvement District – that aims to enhance the economic development activities in the area. The organization is made up of merchants and landlords of 47th Street and has gone a long way to make this area safer, cleaner and more appealing to visitors. Some of the changes recently introduced include uniquely designed streetlights, an excellent sanitation program, and a strong relationship with the police force.

What to Buy in the Diamond District
For visitors looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, the Diamond District is definitely the place to be. From loose diamonds to those already set in jewelry, there is something for everyone in this area. In addition, visitors will find craftspeople who can set stones that are brought from home into unique pieces of jewelry for sale. In addition to diamonds, visitors can find practically any type of jewelry available in the district. From antiques to estate jewelry, from watches to pearls, from engraving services to pearl restringing, there is nothing connected to the world of diamonds and jewels that is not represented in the Diamond District.

Jewelry Exchanges
While a small proportion of the merchants in the Diamond District have their own stores in the same way that you would expect to find stores in a mall or downtown, the majority of merchants operate from jewelry ‘exchanges’ that are dotted around the district. These jewelry exchanges – 25 in total – are a collection of independent merchants (up to 100 under a single exchange roof) who all deal with their own goods, allowing visitors to meander from stall to stall, examining the goods and getting the very best bargain to be had.

90% of the diamonds that enter the United States go through New York, and most of these find their way to the Diamond District in the city.

Over 2,600 merchants operate in the Diamond District, making this one of the most concentrated collections of jewelry businesses in the world.

Nearby Attractions
The Diamond District is located in a very central location in New York, making it a great excursion to combine with other sightseeing attractions in the city. The district is situated one block south of Rockefeller Center, three blocks south of Radio City Music Hall and one block east of Broadway. In addition, St. Patrick’s Cathedral can be found three blocks south of the Diamond District.

Visiting the Area
There is simply no other place like the Diamond District in Manhattan. This area offers the ultimate destination for visitors looking for diamonds and fine jewelry and has become an iconic tourist attraction over the years.

Location: situated on 47th Street, between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan.
Mailing Address: 47th Street Business Improvement District, 580 5th Avenue, Suite 323, New York
Phone: 212-302-5739

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Hell’s Kitchen

by Samantha Palmer

Hell’s Kitchen is one of Manhattan’s anomalies. Nobody is completely sure where the name originated. Although there are several interesting versions of the story, there is one thing they all have in common: Hell’s Kitchen was not so named for its timid nature. Also known as Clinton and Midtown West, Hell’s Kitchen is steeped in infamy and intrigue. Covering the area between 34th Street and 57th Street from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River, this neighborhood of Manhattan has featured throughout New York City’s underworld history and was even the inspiration for the Broadway hit, West Side Story which features the feud between two Irish and Puerto Rican gangs.

Due to its somewhat shady reputation, the real estate prices were much lower than the rest of Manhattan. Previously inhabited mainly by the poor and working-class Irish-Americans, the area has undergone massive reconstruction and is today home to many famous actors and entertainers due to its interesting history and proximity to all the major theaters.

Hell’s Kitchen is in close proximity to some of New York’s major attractions which include Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Broadway and Times Square. The borders have always been a contentious issue, much like the area’s history, but one thing is for certain: Hell’s Kitchen is a must-see during any visit to New York City.