Puerto Rican Day Parade – June 10th, 2007

by NYJ Team

Since 1958, New York City has honored the millions of Puerto Ricans on the island and those who have made the U.S. mainland their home. This televised event attracts tens of thousands of people who march across Fifth Avenue on the second Sunday of every June. Last year’s event drew over 80,000 marchers and another 2 million spectators and this year’s parade – due to be held on June 10th – will definitely not disappoint in numbers and content. The Puerto Rican Day Parade has the honor of being the largest parade in New York and one of the largest outdoor events in the entire United States. For other great attractions, go to New York Journey for a detailed listing and reviews.

This year’s parade will be led by the National Grand Marshal, Felix Juan Surreales Jr. The traditional ??king’ of the parade will be the popular singer, Ricky Martin. Other guest stars include El Grand Combo, Calle 13 and, directly from Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee. The event always attracts politicians and celebrities – Puerto Rican and non-Puerto Rican alike, as well as contemporary hip-hop bands. In addition to the parade itself, which is broadcast to Spanish speaking countries all across the globe in a 3-hour television extravaganza, the parade also hosts several other events across the city on the same day. Cultural events, award ceremonies and banquets abound across the city in celebration of the cultural impact of this colorful, vibrant and significant community to the city of New York specifically, and to the country in general.

Click for the official site of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

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