Living on Staten Island

by Guest Blogger

Staten Island

New York City’s hidden gem, Staten Island offers a high quality of life in addition to its suburban ambiance, excellent amenities and surprisingly affordable real estate prices. Those looking to relocate to or buy real estate in New York City should definitely consider the borough of Staten Island. This borough offers great schools, safe and historic neighborhoods, and something all the other boroughs lack: a suburban quality of life. The island is largely free of the chaotic streets and noisy, overpriced tourist attractions that dominate Manhattan, and, increasingly, the other boroughs as well. Far too often overlooked, Staten Island is again being discovered by prospective home buyers and real estate investors looking to become a part of the Big Apple.


Staten Island real estate is among the most affordable in New York City and is highly valued as well. The borough’s real estate market is very stable and offers a wide array of housing and real estate options to choose from. Staten Island Homes for Sale are available in everything from single-family homes to condos and apartments. No matter what type of housing you’re looking for, Staten Island has something with your name on it. The borough’s suburban ambiance and comparatively open spaces give it a neighborly, quiet charm that can’t be found in any of the other New York City boroughs.


Staten Island offers many attractions that increase residents’ quality of life considerably. It boasts the Staten Island Ferry, which offers a direct connection to Lower Manhattan and has spectacular vistas of the city’s skyline and New York harbor. The borough is also home to the Staten Island Zoo, the Staten Island Yankees baseball team, the Staten Island Greenbelt, the Staten Island Mall, the beautiful Willowbrook Park and many other amenities and attractions to enjoy.


Staten Island also offers a low crime rate, great schools and good roads for its residents. The borough is home to a wide array of restaurants, shops and nightlife spots to enjoy. Newcomers from small towns and suburbs will feel right at home in this borough.


With its blend of suburban charm and big city amenities, Staten Island is a fantastic place to buy a home, work, live or retire. The borough is New York City’s hidden gem and slowly but surely being discovered by home buyers and real estate investors who fall in love with its high quality of life and affordable real estate prices.


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