Brooklyn Heights in New York City

by Nick David

Brooklyn Heights is a historical landmark located near the Brooklyn Bridge between south Atlantic Avenue, Old Fulton Street, Cadman Park, Court Street to the east and to the west of East River. It is a middle class neighborhood that was originally known as Brooklyn Village. It is a charming neighborhood to say the least and is noted for its brownstones, scenic houses, tree lined streets and mansions. The neighborhood is home to many historic architecture buildings that were pre-1860s such as the Plymouth Church and is home to many famous icons today such as Paul Giamatti and Mary Tyler Moore.

The neighborhood today is prime real estate with rentals and property sales ranging between $2000 for rent and $500,000 to purchase. One of the major subway hubs to reach Brooklyn Heights is the Borough Hub. It is only a ten minute ride from Manhattan via bus or subway.


Brooklyn Heights in New York City

Brooklyn Heights in New York City


History of Brooklyn Heights

The history of Brooklyn Heights is an interesting one with it being heavily occupied during the Battle of Brooklyn prior to the American Revolutionary War. Back in the 1950s is when property owners started to migrate to the Heights. The new generation started buying up houses and renovating them to consolidate their luxury housing with hopes and expectations of expanding.


What to do in Brooklyn Heights

There are many attractions in Brooklyn Heights ranging from historic tours, shops, restaurants, museums, activities and the Promenade. It is recommended to start out at the Promenade to admire the spectacular view of the East River. You can take a stroll down the walkway to view the Brooklyn Bridge and observe Manhattan at a whole new level.

The Brooklyn Historical Society Museum commenced in Brooklyn Heights. It was founded in the 1860s offering an educational center and a full course library for the studies of the history of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Heights is also home to the largest hotel in New York City, St. George Hotel.

Montague Street is the main street in Brooklyn Heights. This is where you can find plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops. The Rotunda Gallery displaying art exhibitions is located on Clinton Street.

Mini tours are offered of the late 1800s early 1900s Victorian Brooklyn Heights. Since Brooklyn Heights was built by industrialists and bankers this section of the neighborhood gives a better visual of how the Heights was developed.

The Transit Museum is a great place to visit for kids and the entire family. It is located in the neutralized Court Street Subway Station offering hands on activities for educational learning’s of mass transit and old train cars.

There are tons of eateries located throughout the Heights. Some of the more popular restaurants include Lichee Nut Restaurant (Chinese), Iron Chef House (seafood), Sosta (Italian), Tenda Asian Bistro (Japanese), Chipolte (Mexican), Siggy’s Good Food (sandwiches), Lantern (Thai), Tutte Café ( Middle Eastern), Monty Q’s (pizza) and Grand Canyon (American) just to name a few. Every taste bud is accommodated with more than 50 to choose from.


Brooklyn Heights in New York City

Brooklyn Heights in New York City


Visiting Brooklyn Heights

Visiting Brooklyn Heights is recommended if you are looking to relocate to one of the most prominent areas of Brooklyn or just wanting to visit the historical landmark that dates back to the 1830s. Not only is the history interesting but today’s economy and different views of the neighborhood whether you are looking to purchase real estate, take a walk down the Promenade or shop in one of many boutiques.

South Street Seaport in New York City

by Nick David

South Street Seaport  is located what used to be known as the busiest port in America. It is one of the most popular historical neighborhoods in New York City that is known for some of the oldest buildings around, cobblestone streets, the maritime museum that was founded in 1967, shopping centers, restaurants and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Historical sailing vessels are docked at the pier where travelers and visitors can relive the marine pastime of the 18th century.

Seaport consists of around seven blocks of historical neighborhoods intersected by F.D.R Drive. For anyone visiting New York City South Street Seaport is a must see for anyone that is interested in maritime history, beautiful views and fine dining.

South Street Seaport in New York City

South Street Seaport in New York City


History of South Street Seaport
A city within a city is what South Street Seaport has become. Back in the 1850’s Seaport played one of the most important roles in the history of New York as the wealthiest commercial districts in the city. Steamships needed wider waters to navigate so the Hudson River then became the new port of New York for this reason.

After the US Civil War, Seaport fell into a declination when the Hudson River darkened East River with the large vessels. Restoration of the area began to take place around the 1960’s before the Seaport Museum was founded.

Redevelopment of the museum went underway in 1982 to turn it into one of the biggest tourist attractions with shopping areas, renovation of historical buildings and a newly structured Pier 17. The Howard Hughes Corporation now operates the Seaport.

One of the main attractions is the South Street Seaport Museum. Founded by Peter and Norma Stanford in 1967 the focus was to create a conservation of an educational site with exhibits of the historical environment during South Street Seaport’s heyday from 1820-1860.

For more than 27 years now Pier 17 has held many world class events and forms of entertainment for New Yorker’s and many visitors. The Pier 17 stage has been home to many holiday events, seasonal farmer’s markets and a community center for all.

Shopping malls, restaurants, concerts, cruises and other events take place all year round on the Seaport. There are many main attractions that can be found on the streets of the Seaport for the whole family to enjoy such as Titanic Park, Clipper City, Pier 15, the recreational pier, Imagination Playground and the Beekman Beer Garden.

Visiting South Street Seaport
While visiting South Street Seaport you will be in view of the 19th century ships that grace the harbor such as the Peking, Ambrose, Wavertree and the W.O Decker vessels. Within reach of New York’s financial district, you can reach Seaport by bus, subway or taxi from other locations in New York City.

Seaport is open all year round with the museum having seasonal hours. Pier 17 has many shops, restaurants and restored historical buildings that can be toured. Overlooking the boardwalk is a clear view of the Brooklyn Bridge and East River.

Living on Staten Island

by Guest Blogger

Staten Island

New York City’s hidden gem, Staten Island offers a high quality of life in addition to its suburban ambiance, excellent amenities and surprisingly affordable real estate prices. Those looking to relocate to or buy real estate in New York City should definitely consider the borough of Staten Island. This borough offers great schools, safe and historic neighborhoods, and something all the other boroughs lack: a suburban quality of life. The island is largely free of the chaotic streets and noisy, overpriced tourist attractions that dominate Manhattan, and, increasingly, the other boroughs as well. Far too often overlooked, Staten Island is again being discovered by prospective home buyers and real estate investors looking to become a part of the Big Apple.


Staten Island real estate is among the most affordable in New York City and is highly valued as well. The borough’s real estate market is very stable and offers a wide array of housing and real estate options to choose from. Staten Island Homes for Sale are available in everything from single-family homes to condos and apartments. No matter what type of housing you’re looking for, Staten Island has something with your name on it. The borough’s suburban ambiance and comparatively open spaces give it a neighborly, quiet charm that can’t be found in any of the other New York City boroughs.


Staten Island offers many attractions that increase residents’ quality of life considerably. It boasts the Staten Island Ferry, which offers a direct connection to Lower Manhattan and has spectacular vistas of the city’s skyline and New York harbor. The borough is also home to the Staten Island Zoo, the Staten Island Yankees baseball team, the Staten Island Greenbelt, the Staten Island Mall, the beautiful Willowbrook Park and many other amenities and attractions to enjoy.


Staten Island also offers a low crime rate, great schools and good roads for its residents. The borough is home to a wide array of restaurants, shops and nightlife spots to enjoy. Newcomers from small towns and suburbs will feel right at home in this borough.


With its blend of suburban charm and big city amenities, Staten Island is a fantastic place to buy a home, work, live or retire. The borough is New York City’s hidden gem and slowly but surely being discovered by home buyers and real estate investors who fall in love with its high quality of life and affordable real estate prices.


This post has been written by guest blogger, Staten Island Homes for Sale.