5 Tips For A Great New York Holiday

by NYJ Team

This post has been written by guest blogger, Virgin Holidays & HIP Hotels

Whether you’re planning to visit New York to enjoy a Broadway performance, the spa life, the lively nightlife or the popular sights, the most important decision you’ll make concerns where you’ll stay. By choosing a boutique hotel, you will enjoy more sophisticated decorations, more space, ultimate comfort, excellent customer service and a prime location. There are five things you should know to make your holiday in New York as good as it can be.

1. Money
While your hotel clerk will likely be more than happy to exchange your pounds for dollars, you’ll get the best exchange rate by visiting a bank. Rest assured that your boutique hotel host wants you to have as much money available to spend on yourself as possible, so he or she will be happy to point you toward the nearest bank. While you’re travelling on buses and subways, be sure to keep your money in a money belt that fastens under your waistband. Avoid taking your money out on busy sidewalks.

2. Dining
If you’re travelling with friends, a partner or family members, you’ll find that New York’s dining venues often have high prices. Since you will likely want to try several different types of cuisine, it’s best to order several dishes and share them. Another way to get discounts on food is to ask your boutique hotel clerk for coupons or special discounts for nearby dining venues.

3. Entertainment
Few people leave New York City without a visit to Broadway, an orchestra performance, an opera or a ballet. If you want to see a live performance, ask your boutique hotel clerk for ideas. Since many boutique hotels partner with various performance venues, you may be able to enjoy an attractive discount on ticket prices. As a general rule, it’s best to attend performances in the day hours if you’re using public transportation. If you plan to travel across town late at night, hire a taxi.

4. Shopping
Your boutique hotel clerk will be able to tell you where the best nearby shopping locations are. New York City’s boutique hotels are usually located in close proximity to boutique shops and some major department stores. Since many hotels offer coupons, you may be able to obtain some coupons for spectacular discounts at nearby stores.

5. Sightseeing
You probably have a list of buildings or attractions you want to see while you’re in New York City. If you’re planning to visit any major attractions, ask your boutique hotel clerk for advice about where to get ticket discounts. While you are out sightseeing, be sure to keep your money in your money belt. Avoid bringing large totes or bags. As a general rule, it is easier and more sensible to travel light while touring the city.

If you choose to stay in one of New York City’s many fine boutique hotels, the employees will be able to provide you with plenty of helpful tips to make your stay memorable.

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