Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo

New York City is proud to be the host of the flagship of the largest network of metropolitan zoos – The Bronx Zoo. Located at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway, the zoo can be reached by several modes of public transport. In bygone days, zoos used to be considered places of cruelty to animals, but these days, organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society work close-in-hand with the Bronx Zoo in order to save wildlife from around the world.

The Bronx Zoo features over 4,000 animals and has an unparalleled display of exhibitions, viewing spots, and wildlife to make a visitor’s stay unforgettable. Both children and adults will be delighted by the exciting range of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles, and will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience in New York’s world famous zoo.

Bronx Zoo

What the Zoo Has to Offer

Outdoor Displays:

Baboon Reserve
In a successful attempt to capture the stunning African landscapes, this attraction features gelada baboons, Nubian ibexes, hyraxes, and several types of African waterfowl. Known as the African Alps, this reserve is one of the largest gatherings of primates in the United States. Visitors follow the eroded riverbed through the exhibit and the adventurous visitors can grab a birds-eye view on the Skyfari.

Big Bears
A high ridge of natural rock surrounds the area where the grizzly and polar bears roam. In the summer time, the bears enjoy entertaining the visitors as they play with their pool toys in the swimming holes, while in the fall they cuddle in piles of leaves and chill out. The wintertime allows visitors to view the bears playing in snow and ice.

Birds of Prey
The Bronx Zoo provides visitors the chance to see almost every imaginable bird of prey in its large outdoor aviaries. From owls, eagles and vultures, visitors can enjoy watching the birds being fed their daily rations of mice, rats and fish.

Congo Gorilla Forest
In the 6.5 acres of breathtaking forest scenery, a visitor to this part of the Bronx Zoo will be transformed to an African rain forest and will forget he is in the hub of New York’s metropolis. Over 55 species of wildlife are featured in the Gorilla Forest such as two groups of lowland gorillas, colobus monkeys, mandrills, DeBrazza’s monkeys, red river hogs, hornbrills, okapi and critters.

Himalayan Highlands
This one-acre area allows the visitor to view the natural habitat of some of Asia’s most endangered animals – snow leopards, red pandas, Temminck’s tragopan and white-necked cranes. This exclusive area was specially designed by a Nepalese monk and features bridges, ravines, cave ledges and plenty of stunning trees.

Aitken Aviary
The Bronx Zoo boasts an expansive outdoor aviary which provides visitors with a slice of wildlife from the South American coast. Species such as Magellanic penguins, mustachioed Inca terns, black oystercatchers, several types of gulls, and guanay cormorants are part of the sea-bird offering. Daily penguin feeds take place in the aviary and guests are encouraged to ask questions about how they care for the species and wildlife protection. Visitors will also be able to catch a glimpse of other species such as flamingos, storks, and other webbed-feet friends.

Tiger Mountains
Visitors will be thrilled with the award-winning three-acre spread which is the home to the threatened Siberian tigers. The tigers are treated to a specially designed and recreated setting reminiscent of the mountains on the Russian-Chinese border. During three daily sessions, visitors can experience the different activities that the keepers do to stimulate the tigers’ natural instincts.

Indoor Displays:

Aquatic Bird House
Visitors can step inside this large bird house and get an up-close view and the dozens of bird species living in this sanctuary. Species such as kookaburras, frogmouth, puffins and more, roam the plains and perch on branches, providing the visitor with a full on sensory bird experience.

Carter Giraffe Building
Children and adults will both be delighted by this unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these tall-necked friends.

This 37,000 square feet recreation of an Asian rain forest is the breathtaking home of over 99 species. The close to 800 animals that roam in this jungle include monkeys, gibbons, leopards, tapirs, peafowl and hornbills. The rain forest is so true to life, with its swamps and scrub forest, that visitors will forget that they are in the heard of New York City.

Monkey House
Cute little primates of all sorts can be found in the Monkey House which is a favourite with children. Visitors can get to see daily monkey training sessions too!

Mouse House
Featuring 32 glass-fronted exhibitions, visitors are able to view these interesting creatures from up close. Included in the mouse house are also snakes, skunks, mongooses and other predators.

World of Birds
Birds from all over the world are featured in this section where visitors will be treated to choruses of thousands of their singing feathered friends.

World of Darkness
Visitors will be treated to a dark display of nocturnal animals that live in caves and dark ravines. By experiencing the darkened room along with the animals, visitors will understand how the animals use their sense of light and space to guide themselves.

World of Reptiles
Safely stored behind glass cages, snakes, serpents, toads and crocodiles are on display for reptile lovers to feast their eyes. More than 200 animals will entertain (or scare) the visitors and show them what they are really made of.

Special Exhibitions

Bronx Zoo also features several ongoing and seasonal exhibitions and attractions which are a delight to all the visitors. Children can be treated to a specially designed children’s petting zoo, and there are also entertainment features such as a carousal, monorail, skyfari cable car and the shuttle. There are even camel rides for the more adventurous.

Visiting Bronx Zoo NYC

The Bronx Zoo is a world within itself, and an amazing one at that! It allows to visitor to escape to all corners of the globe and experience animals in the almost-natural habitat, while allowing nature conservators to continue protecting endangered wildlife.

A worthwhile visit of both adults and kids - make a trip to the Bronx Zoo and you will have a truly wild experience.

Location: at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway, New York.
Phone: 718-367-1010.

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