Jumel Terrace Historic District

The Jumel Terrace Historic District is located in Washington Heights, a neighbourhood in the most northern part of Manhattan. The hilly area is on the high ridge of Upper Manhattan and offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Palisades.

Sylvan Terrace and the Morris-Jumel Mansion are part of this historic area. A must-visit for architectural enthusiasts, Sylvan Terrace features wooden rowhouses built in the 1880s. On top of the hill at the end of Sylvan Terrace is one of the oldest houses in Manhattan, the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Surrounding the estate are the streets of Jumel Terrace, which are lined with landmarked three-storey brown and limestone rowhouses built in 1896.

Sylvan Terrace

This picturesque cobblestone street is about a block long and is lined with a double row of two-storey wooden rowhouses. Built in 1882, the houses were restored in 1981. The street, which leads directly to the Morris-Jumel Mansion, was once the carriage drive for the wealthy owners of the property.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Built in 1765, George Washington used this majestic estate as his headquarters during the Battle of Harlem Heights in the autumn of 1776. He chose it because of the home’s strategic location above the Harlem Valley, offering a bird’s eye view of central Manhattan. The residence, one of the oldest in New York, is now a museum open to the public.

Visiting the Jumel Terrace Historic District in New York

The Jumel Terrace Historic District is located in Washington Heights, which borders Harlem to the south along 155th Street. The main attractions of the area are located between 160th and 162nd Streets. The Morris-Jumel Mansion is located at 65 Jumel Terrace, one block east of St. Nicholas Avenue.