Louis Armstrong House Museum

Louis Armstrong House Museum

Ever wonder what the world’s most famous jazz musician’s home was like? With his fame and fortune Louis Armstrong could have lived anywhere, but the great Satchmo chose a modest two-level house in Corona, Queens. The Louis Armstrong House Museum, the immaculately preserved home of the jazz great and his wife Lucille, opened in 2003 as a museum offering fans an authentic glimpse into his actual day to day surroundings through guided hourly tours.

An American Original

The Louis Armstrong House Museum, now both a New York City landmark and a National Historic Landmark, was where the legendary jazz trumpeter and singer lived with his fourth wife Lucille from 1943 until he passed away in 1971. Lucille lived in the house until her death in 1983. No one has occupied the house since then, and it has been immaculately preserved as if Louis and Lucille were about to walk through the door at any moment. Lucille decorated the home which features an authentic 60s decor, furnished with wallpaper and adorned with mirrors.

Historic Recordings

Louis Armstrong loved to make homemade recordings. But not only of his music. He enjoyed getting down on tape the sounds of everyday life, from the chatter of get-togethers with friends to dinner conversations to practice sessions with his trumpet. Fans will be captivated by the glimpse into his life provided by these fascinating audio clips, which are played on the house tour.

Touring Satchmo's Home

Visitors must take a guided tour to see the Louis Armstrong House Museum. Tours last 40 minutes and begin every hour on the hour with the last one starting at 4p.m.

Visitors will experience both levels of the home as well as the exhibit area on the main level (which features a small selection of Louis Armstrong memorabilia including photos, clothing and some of his trumpets) and the couple’s lovely Japanese-inspired garden, which can be explored before or after the tour. The museum also houses a gift store.

he second level of the home requires that visitors climb a steep staircase. (A virtual tour is available for those unable to manage the steps.) Those planning to visit with a group of more than eight people are asked to register in advance; a group tour request form is available at the Louis Armstrong House Museum official website. Teacher’s kits can also be downloaded from the site for school groups visiting the museum.

Special Events

The Louis Armstrong House Museum hosts special events and programs throughout the year. During Black History Month in February, the museum offers lectures on Armstrong’s many contributions to pop culture. In the summer, there are concerts and parties celebrating both his official and traditional birthdays. Louis Armstrong celebrated his birthday on July 4th, as he believed his date of birth to be July 4 th, 1900. After his death, it was discovered through baptismal records that the American music legend was actually born on August 4th, 1901. In July and August the museum hosts free jazz concerts and block parties to celebrate both dates. On July 4 th, visitors receive a ten percent discount in the gift shop which features a broad range of unique collectibles as well as CDs and books about Louis Armstrong, jazz and African American history.

Visiting the Louis Armstrong House Museum

The Louis Armstrong House Museum is located at 34-56 107th Street in Corona, which is located in the northern part of Queens, New York City. Street parking is available.

For admission prices, hours of operation and detailed directions call 718-478-8274 or visit Louis Armstrong House Museum official website.