New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium, situated in Brooklyn, New York is the result of a vision to bring the mystery of the sea world into an urban environment. It is the only aquarium in New York City and features over 8000 animals in top conditions. Visitors get to experience these ‘live exhibits’ through excellent viewing facilities and learn about the animals thanks to superb scientific research and knowledge imparting.

The New York Aquarium is part of a network of metropolitan wildlife parks in the United States and strives to educate visitors about the importance of ocean and sea life preservation. Besides experiencing an awesome excursion, visitors to the New York Aquarium, are also contributing towards the organization’s mission to preserve the globe’s wildlife and oceans.


The New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating one in the United States. It first opened its doors to the public in 1896 in the Battery Park area in Lower Manhattan. When a bridge was constructed in this area in 1941, the inhabitants of the New York Aquarium moved temporarily to the Bronx Zoo and in 1957, the new aquarium was officially opened in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Today, the aquarium is situated on 14 acres of land next to the sea and is home to over 8000 specimens from 350 species of sea life.

The Aquarium

With so many types of animal species, there is something for everyone at the New York Aquarium. Handy maps available at the entrance explain what visitors can find and how to make their way to these locations around the Aquarium.

Feedings and Demonstrations
The animals have to be fed! For kids of all ages, feeding time at the zoo is the highlight of the trip. Visitors can watch staff members feed the walruses, sea otters, penguins and even the sharks. The aquarium posts the times of each feeding session at main points throughout the site.

Animal Enrichment
The wildlife organization that manages the New York Aquarium is always seeking new ways to stimulate and enrich the animals in captivity. Animals in the aquarium are ensured top quality of life and fun-filled enrichment sessions. Staff members use anything from special toys to stimulate the animals, to placing food in containers so that the octopus can be physically and mentally challenged. All these sessions can be watched by visitors to the aquarium, making for a riveting peek into the mysterious workings of aqua life.

The Aquatheater
After a successful renovation, the Aquatheater of the New York Aquarium was reopened in 1995 and is now one of the key features of the site. There is no extra charge for shows viewed in the aquarium’s aquatheater. Visitors will be thrilled by the playful dolphins who put on a marvelous display. The giant sea lions of California are a popular draw card to the aquarium. These huge sea mammals give a daily demonstration through informal training sessions. This is a definite “not-to-be-missed” attraction!

"Explore the Shore"
Kids and adults alike love this feature of the New York Aquarium. The location includes excellent hands-on options that allow visitors to experience first-hand how tidal waves work, the fragility of coral reefs and other environmental issues.

The “Explore the Shore” also houses the wave machine that simulates the crashing of waves on the seashore.

"Sea Cliffs"
“Sea Cliffs” is home to the walruses, sea otters and fur seals, among others and provides visitors with the perfect combination of entertainment and conservation knowledge. After enjoying each display, visitors get to learn a little more about the animals that are so well protected at the aquarium. The staff is always keen to explain their conservation efforts, including the need to teach some animals the basic ‘tricks’ needed for survival because they are orphaned at a young age.

Roy and Silo
This famous ‘gay’ couple of penguins made quite a name for themselves when park attendants realized that the pair was trying to hatch a rock and switched it with an extra egg from a nest belonging to another couple of penguins. The egg eventually hatched and the couple raised the female chick, named Tango, quite happily. The story of Roy and Silo inspired the famous children’s book, “And Tango Makes Three” by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson. The penguins are a star attraction at the aquarium.

The Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride
Open to anyone over 36 inches tall, this amazing ride allows participants to ride in a deep-sea submarine to view the ocean floor, tangle with a giant squid and even swim with a whale! The ride costs extra with the purchase of an admission’s ticket to the aquarium.


There is a huge amount to see and do at the New York Aquarium. Some of the many attractions include:

  • Underwater viewing of octopuses and sea horses.
  • A 90,000-gallon tank that is home to several types of shark species. The shark pool is great to take in a perfect view of these mighty animals at close range.
  • Beluga whales that can be viewed underwater through giant 12 by 20 foot windows as they make laps in their pools.
  • The Alien Stingers display that offers visitors a close up view of jellyfish in a variety of colors.
  • A sea horse exhibition that wows the crowd with its amazing collection of this species, including the yellow horses and dragon horses. Visitors also learn about how baby sea horses are born.
  • A conservation hall.
  • And many others.

Visiting New York Aquarium Brooklyn NY

The New York Aquarium is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike who are fascinated by the wonderful marine world that they get to see up close. This is one of the few aquariums that are actually located near the sea. The aquarium does all it can to ensure that animals are kept housed in replicas of their own natural habitats to allow visitors a truly authentic experience.

Well known for its attractive layout and deep commitment to wild life protection, the New York Aquarium is definitely worth the trip to Coney Island – especially since it can be combined with other fun excursions nearby.

Location: on Surf Avenue and West 8th Street in Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 718-265-FISH

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