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Our ultimate aim is to ensure that visitors to our site will be able to find a solution to every single one of the requirements that they need to make their New York travel experience as memorable as possible. We have a list of New York travel resources and articles to help you plan your trip to the city that never sleeps featured below.

NYC History

New York City has some incredible history. Whether you're new to the city or have lived there for years, you can never know too much about this amazing city. New York Journey’s fascinating history section will detail the origins of the city from the early days when Henry Hudson discovered it in 1607 through to the present day.

New York City Airports

Although New York is made up of five boroughs ( Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island), Manhattan is undoubtedly the most famed. In fact, the borough of Manhattan is synonymous with New York City itself. Bringing the millions of tourists and travelers to the city are three convenient airports. They include La Guardia, JFK and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

Food in New York

New York is home to some of the most diverse menus around. Food in New York is not merely about sustenance, but about experience and experimentation. From the humble pizza pie to fine dining, New York restaurants cater to your every whim.

Museums and Places of Interest

Some of the world’s greatest museums are scattered all over New York. There is most likely a place of interest within a few blocks from your hotel room. Take a look at what the city has to offer on our Attractions in New York page.

New York Hotel Locator

If you have an idea of which area, or which of the five boroughs, you’d like to stay in use our handy New York hotel locator to find suitable New York accommodation in the neighborhood of your choice.

Shopping in New York

You want it – You got it. New York is the city in which to exercise your main shopping muscles. The word ‘variety’ doesn’t justify the shopping options around the five boroughs. Get insight into the best places to spend time and/or money by taking a look at the New York shopping guide.

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