American Girl Place

American Girl Place, New York

The American Girl Place concept was developed to provide little girls with a place to purchase dolls, accessories and books that reflected the true spirit of childhood, combining realistic features and interesting characters. The dolls are age-appropriate and celebrate cultural diversity.

Situated at 609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street, American Girl Place New York is located in the heart of the city’s commercial and shopping center. It provides a welcome haven from the hustle and bustle outside, where little girls of all ages can find a world that they could only imagine existed before. No visit to New York is complete without a visit to this enchanting place.

The Store

American Girl Place New York is a collection of inner stores and boutiques, each offering an interesting perspective of the overall concept. Here, little girls (and bigger ones too!) are sure to find everything they are looking for under one giant roof.

Visit the Historical Dolls section that is home to beautiful dolls with gorgeous, authentic clothes, accessories and historical artifacts. Little girls get caught up in the lives of the special character dolls in this store.

The Just Like You concept aims to provide little girls age 8 and up the possibility of creating their own character doll that reflects the child’s own personality, features and hobbies. In the Just Like You store, girls can find contemporary dolls and create their own character doll by choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories.

Unique to American Girl Place New York, little girls can find a magical store in the form of Coconut – American Girl’s best mutt friend. The giant doghouse is home to huggable characters and a whole lot more.

All little girls love to play with baby dolls and the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins from the American Girl series can provide them with exactly what they are looking for. The Bitty Baby nursery is a magical place to visit – filled with accessories to make caring for baby that much more fun. Little girls can also choose to adopt a pair of Bitty Twins and decide on whether they will be identical, boy or girl or as different as chalk and cheese! They can choose from different accessories in the Bitty Baby store, especially tailored for their twins.

The Dress Like Your Doll boutique in American Girl Place New York provides little girls with the opportunity of buying outfits for themselves and their doll to wear together. Here, visitors can find all types of matching child/doll clothing – from casual t-shirts to elegant dresses.

The American Girl books are top quality texts, all aimed at fun stories with an interesting, empowering storyline. The bookstore is filled to the brim with books about exciting historical doll characters, puzzles, magazines and everything else to make reading fun.

Other not-to-be missed features of this store include a doll hair salon where experienced stylists can pamper dolls with a new hairdo. Another must is the ‘Peek into the Past’ to examine how real American girls lived in the country in the past, through life-sized displays. Finally, a visit to the Photo Studio provides girls the opportunity to create a souvenir issue of American Girl magazine with their own faces (and their dolls, of course!) posing on the cover.

No visit to American Girl Place would be complete without a visit to the fantastic theater that regularly puts on shows to entertain the crowds. Little girls get caught up in the costumes, music and magic of top quality performances that bring their favorite characters to life. It is recommended to contact the store beforehand regarding specific performances.

To round up a visit to the store, visitors should take time to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of New York’s American Girl Café. The eatery serves delicious food in an elegant ambiance – and of course there is a special seat for the guest of honor, the American Girl doll!

Visiting American Girl Place NYC

American Girl Place New York is one of the most popular locations to visit in the city, especially if traveling with little girls. The experience is exciting, educational and fun – bringing the history of the country alive through beautiful, creative dolls and the opportunity for visitors to bring one (or more!) home with them.

American Girl Place is located at 609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street, New York City, New York

Store Type
American Girl Place New York is a collection of inner stores and boutiques.

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