The New York City Police Museum

The New York City Police Museum pays tribute to the heroic officers and other members of the New York Police Department. Originally established in Lower Manhattan, this specialty museum has moved to Governor's Island. The exhibits at this venue include original equipment, firearms, uniforms and other materials that have been used by the NYPD for generations. Documents, photographs and other multimedia presentations further highlight the importance of the department that's commonly known as New York's Finest.


The New York City Police Museum
In the late 1990s, the commissioner of the New York Police Department pushed for the creation of a museum that would be dedicated to his organization. In 1999, the New York City Police Museum officially opened to the public in a small rented space along East 20th Street in Manhattan. It only took a few years for the entity to find a more suitable exhibit space in Lower Manhattan. The museum expanded into the former headquarters of the First Precinct. Built in the Italianate Revival style, this property has one of the most beautiful facades in the Financial District. The New York City Police Museum thrived in this new location for more than a decade until 2012. Hurricane Sandy caused severe damage to the building and much of the surrounding area that was close to the New York Harbor and East River. It took the museum several years to successfully relocate to a temporary space on Governor's Island. The government of New York City and the National Park Service granted the museum the right to use Pershing Hall. Due to seasonal restrictions, the island and most of its attractions are not open to the public year-round.

Exhibits and Collection

Immediately after moving to Governor's Island, the New York City Police Museum opened several new exhibits. Links to the Past shows the early history of law enforcement on the island of Manhattan. This exhibit even covers some of the patrols and other entities that controlled New Amsterdam during the 1600s. As the name suggests, Women in Policing celebrates the roles of female officers in the NYPD. Authentic uniforms, patrol equipment and other accessories are on display in this part of the museum. The Transportation Gallery at the New York City Police Museum is about vehicles, motorcycles, trucks and horses that have helped the NYPD navigate the streets. Perhaps the most poignant installation is 9/11: A Uniform Response, which commemorates the heroic police officers and first responders who made the ultimate sacrifices after the September 11 Attacks. This exhibit features numerous artefacts that have been recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center.

Visiting The New York City Police Museum

The New York City Police Museum occupies the Pershing Hall building on Governor's Island. This historic island in the New York Harbor is only accessible by boat. You can get to the island by taking a ferry from Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn. For example, service is available at the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan's Financial District. Pier 102 and Soissons Landing are the main docks on the northern part of Governor's Island. The southeastern part of the island includes the Yankee Pier, which is only served by ferries that go to and from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Keep in mind that all ferry service operates on a seasonal schedule, and the island is also closed to the public during the winter. Once you land at Governor's Island, you can stroll the pristine grounds that are lined with historic military and municipal installations. The New York Police Museum is located just east of Fort Jay.

Location: 100 Old Slip, New York City, NY

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