United Nations Headquarters

The United Nations Headquarters in New York City serves as a permanent space for the United Nations. This complex stands as one of the most recognizable installations in Manhattan. Global affairs are commonly discussed and managed at the headquarters of the world's largest and most influential intergovernmental entity. Visitors can go behind the scenes of the General Assembly Building and other facilities that host delegates from all over the world.


The UN Headquarters in New York City
The UN Headquarters in New York City
The United Nations Headquarters opened in the early 1950's to accommodate the rapid evolution of globalization after World War II. Quite appropriately, the International architectural style was selected for this property by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer. Throughout the years, more than a dozen branches of the UN have permanently settled at this complex in the heart of Manhattan. Some notable facilities include the General Assembly, Conference and Secretariat buildings. Named after the organization's second Secretary-General, the Dag Hammarskjold Library is another notable component of the UN grounds.

Visitor Centre and Facilities

Most of the United Nations Headquarters is closed to the public for obvious security reasons. The Visitor Centre is specifically designated as an educational and cultural space that's open to the public. While walking through the main lobby, you'll see tapestry-style portraits of all the former Secretary-Generals of the organization. Several colourful murals also decorate the walls of the spacious main area. The Visitor Centre also offers guided tours of facilities that are exclusively used to conduct daily operations and special meetings. If you're curious about what goes on behind the scenes in the world's most powerful international organization, then these tours will surely satisfy you. The itinerary includes stops at the General Assembly Hall and Security Council Chamber. Catering to an international crowd, the guided tours are available in more than 10 languages. The knowledgeable guides explain the history and other important information about the major UN entities that operate in the headquarters. The grounds of the United Nations Headquarters are lined with interesting sculptures and other installations that have deep symbolic meanings in terms of politics, religion and culture. For example, the Non-Violence Sculpture includes a revolver that has a knot around the end of the barrel. A Swedish artist created the sculpture in response to the tragic death of the famous singer John Lennon in New York City. The Japanese Peace Bell is another notable landmark that adds aesthetic appeal to the complex. The Visitor Centre also hosts temporary exhibits about issues ranging from poverty and war to religion and agriculture. If you're interested in global issues, check out the UN Bookshop that has hardcover books and other publications for kids and adults. The Gift Centre is also the ideal place to find great souvenirs, such as colourful flags and other memorabilia with international themes. If you're hungry for some delicious food, try to make a reservation at the Delegates Dining Room. This famous eatery has a large outdoor terrace with great views of the East River and the skyline of Queens.

Visiting United Nations Headquarters

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The United Nations Headquarters is located in the eastern part of Midtown Manhattan. Rising above the East River, this modern skyscraper dominates the famous skyline of NYC. Provided by the MTA Regional Bus Operations (RBO), several bus routes stop near the corner of United Nations Plaza 42nd Street. Located only four blocks away from the UN complex, Grand Central Terminal is one of the most important transportation hubs in the New York City metropolitan area. This historic train station is served by several Metro-North commuter lines and New York City Subway routes. Getting to the UN Headquarters by car should be easy if you take FDR Drive, which runs along the East River. Additionally, the NYC Ferry offers service at the East 34th Street dock that's located within walking distance of the attraction.

Location: 405 E 42nd Street (at 1st Avenue), New York, NY, 10017

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405 E 42nd Street

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