American Museum of Natural History | New York City

by Denise Marie

The American Museum of Natural History was established in 1869 and is located on Central Park West at 79th Street in New York, New York. The museum is the world’s most distinguished museums for its scientific cultures, educational programs, human cultures, exhibitions and the many scientific research programs it offers.

The scientific collections found in the museum serve as the planets panorama for the different cultures found in the world. Visitors from all around the world travel to the museum to discover America’s treasure from all parts of the planet.

History of the Museum
The history of the museum dates back to its founding in 1869 when the official bill was signed to create the American Museum of Natural History by New York Governor John Thompson Hoffman. John David Wolfe became president of the museum in 1870 and it wasn’t until 1871 when a series of collections went on display for the first time in the Central Park Arsenal. Central Park Arsenal was the original home of the museum.

The museum outgrew its original building and moved to its current location in 1874. However, the first building didn’t open to the public until 1877 after President Rutherford Hayes performed the public ceremony.

From 1880 to the early 1930’s the museum was involved with many expeditions that took place to discover unmapped areas of Siberia, North Poke, Gobi and Mongolia. These explorations sent representatives and scientists on a journey all around the globe to bring back different discoveries that would become artifacts in the museum today.

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Exhibits, Education and More
There has been and are many renowned exhibits throughout the museums history such as Journey to the Stars, Meeting God, Climate Change, Vietnam, Silk Road, The Nature of Diamonds and Cave of the Warrior. Margaret Mead and Roy Chapman Andrews are among the many scientists that have visited the museum.

The IMAX (Samuel J. and Ethel LeFrak Theater) has been completely remodeled featuring one of the biggest wide screens ranging at around forty foot in height and sixty foot wide.
The Rose Center for Earth and Space is one of the newest halls opening in 2000. There are many exhibits about the universe and space found here along with the Hayden Planetarium.
Other interesting halls to visit include The Cultural Halls, Birds and Mammal Hall, Fossil Halls, Hall of Human Origin and the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

Learning opportunities are always being created here. The Education Department has put together some of the most innovating learning programs for all ages. In fact, the museum invites and encourages everyone to get involved with exciting opportunities to explore the history of our planet and different cultures.

Visiting American Museum of Natural History
The museum is opened daily and closed on two major holidays. Scheduled hours of operation can be found by visiting the museums website. There are public and group tours that run regularly for the whole family to enjoy. To accommodate visitors there is a food court on the lower level with a wide variety of different eateries. Click here to read more on American Museum of Natural History.

The museum offers a shop that is jam packed with interesting items to take home as a souvenir for the whole family that includes artifacts, jewelry, t-shirts and more.


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