Asia Society in New York City

by Denise Marie

The Asia Society is an educational global institution that is non-profit bringing together a better understanding of Asia to the United States and strengthening the relationship between the two with business, culture, arts, policy and education. It was founded in 1956 with providing an understanding, promoting partnership and generating ideas to create a future that is shared with challenges to make the world a better place within the two cultures with exhibits, museum and people.

Mission and History
Asia Society’s mission is to promote a mutual understanding when it comes to partnerships among leaders, people and institutions of the United States and Asia in a global background that creates a future with the shared challenges. With institutions around the world in Hong Kong, Sydney Australia, Washington DC, Shanghai and in New York this mission can be addressed with the collection of works with exhibitions, leadership initiatives and lifestyle.

History started back in 1956 when John D. Rockefeller the third founded the Asia Society. It was established to bring together a more comprehensive acknowledgement of Asia and the US. The programs have expanded throughout the years to connect Asian American issues and what effects it has on globalization, urbanization and the environment.

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The museum is an exhibition that provides contemporary and traditional Asian arts. It is located in New York City at Park Avenue and 70th St. It is known for a few masterpieces with one being Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller collections. Its Contemporary Art collection consists of new media and videos by both Asian and Asian American artists. There are permanent collections available as well. The museum was the first of American museums to start a program with Asian contemporary art in the 1990’s. It announced the establishment of the Contemporary collection in 2007. Many programs are offered in the form of film, literature, performing arts and visual arts.

There are many resources that include Arts, Education, Past and Present Exhibitions, Policy, Business and Publications for Kids to learn the initiatives behind the relationship of Asia and United States. It is an ongoing learning process that will create the understanding needed between the two.

Visiting Asia Society
Plan your visit to Asia Society by visiting their website. There are different business hours for the museum and the society. Admission prices differ for seniors and students, more information can be found on the homepage or by calling the visitors bureau. There are many accommodations for visiting which include the Asia Store, a museum shop that features souvenirs and other merchandise. There is a Garden Court Café, Leo Bar and Space Rental as well to accommodate visitors.

Daily exhibition tours are available as well as group tours. Sketching and copying the art is permitted in pencil only. The museum reserves the right to adjust the sketching policy at any time to not hinder traffic flows through the museum.

Visiting Asia Society is a must for all. The history behind the founding and the objectives to create the partnership needed for globalization is remarkable. Plan your visit today to the Asia Society.

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