Candy Stores in NYC

by NYJ Team

For those with a sweet tooth, the Big Apple will definitely not disappoint. Boasting some of the world’s biggest and grandest candy stores that should keep even the most discerning sugar fanatics dumbfounded, New York is the place to be.

Dylan’s Candy Bar is one of the most famous candy stores in the United States – and there are many – most notably Dylan’s Candy Bar situated on Third Avenue in New York City. Started by Dylan Lauren, a young entrepreneur with a sweet tooth and a big dream, Dylan’s Candy Bar offers over 5000 different types of candy ranging from local goodies to imported delicacies. The flagship store in New York offers a party room, ??nostalgic?? candy store, candy spa and café.

For those chocolate connoisseurs, there is one attraction that should definitely not be overlooked. For chocolate lovers, the consumption of chocolate is an intimate and personal affair. Situated in Times Square, the Hershey’s store is 16 storeys of chocolate heaven – and keeping in line with the personal chocolate experience, visitors to Hershey’s are able to mix their own concoction of candy using the originally named Original Automatic and Gravitational Chocolate Machine.

Visitors can also personalize their very own Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, an American institution in their own right. To make the visit even more personal, customers can also personalize their own message that appears on the scrolling marquee sign in bright lights for the whole of Times Square to read. There is no better destination for chocolate lovers around the world.

The New York candy experience does not stop there, and nor should it. M&M’s World is now open at 1600 Broadway, New York. These world-beating candy sweets are what helped put the USA on the global candy map. The store is a 25,000 square foot, three storey monster which is open every day between 9am and midnight.

The store boasts an interactive kids’ area as well as a full size #38 Ford Fusion Nascar vehicle as well as a 17 foot green M&M Statue of Liberty. The store experience is topped off by over 4000 original souvenirs that make the perfect memorabilia and gifts.

No candy lovers could possibly go hungry in New York, with candy stores in virtually every street.

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