Central Park in the Fall

by NYJ Team

New York is well-known for its wonderful fall foliage in the many parks and wooded areas in and around the city. Central Park especially is the perfect place to enjoy the changing seasons and to enjoy the wonderful spectacles of nature. The park was conceived in 1850. The city, which had quadrupled in size over the previous¬†30 years, was losing its green spaces. The call for a public park was led by “Evening Post” editor and orator William Cullen Bryant, and the 843 acres of swampland and immigrant housing was purchased by the city.

Today, Central Park is Manhattan’s back yard. In a city of highrises and with a dense population, this 843-acre oasis is a place to take a walk, read a book, attend a concert, and much, much more. Over 25 million people visit the park each year, making it the most visited of any park in the United States.

The crisp weather makes it the perfect time to take in some of those interesting walking tours that New York City is so famous for. 

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