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Central ParkCentral Park is a public park that is Manhattan’s main attraction for visitors from all parts of the world and for New York natives. Today the park is overseen by the Central Park Conservancy featuring more than 25,000 trees, 20 plus playgrounds, more than 8500 benches, 36 bridges, and more than 6 miles of landscape beauty. More than 20 million people visit Central Park every year making it one of the most visited parks in the USA.


Being one of the first urban landscapes in the USA, Central Park was meant to leans towards the wealthy and today is for all to enjoy with daily events, special events and lots of main attractions for the whole family.


Central Park History
The park first opened in the 1850’s on 843 acres that was considered city land. It was in 1858 when Frederick Law Olmsted together with Calvert Vaux won a design contest to landscape and improve the visuals of the park that otherwise known as the Greensward Plan. The renovation was completed during the American Civil War with more than 500,000 cubic feet of topsoil and more than 4 mill trees planted in 1873. The first section of the park was open to the public in 1859 and it wasn’t until 1865 when more than a million visitors was visiting the park each year.


Creating the park wasn’t as easy as it intended to be. There were around 1,600 residents that were displaced due to the private development. Ice skating was one of the main attractions at first with New Yorkers flocking together hitting Lasker and Wollman ice rinks. Becoming a favourite pastime the park would alert New Yorkers when the ice by hoisting a ball to the top of the pole signaling that the rinks was ready for skaters.


Interests of the Park
Currently as of now there are 5 quadrants of the park; The Great Lawn, North and South End, Outside of Park and The Reservoir. Each quadrant has its own attractions with ponds, sculptures, monuments and fountains.


There is more to Central Park than the beautiful landscape. When visiting you can take a long hike on the trails, visit one of two ice skating rinks, take a nice jog, do a little bird watching or attend one of many concerts. Children have plenty to keep them interested as well with multiple playgrounds and a wildlife sanctuary.

Home to many cultural and community events, Central Park is open all season round with theatre productions and picturesque weddings events. Some of the romantic locations to get married include Summit Rock, Ladies Pavilion, Cherry Hill and the Pond.


Visiting Central Park
Central Park is open daily no matter the time of the year. It is conveniently located in the center of Manhattan with a full schedule of events that will enrich any and all visits. Several restaurants, restrooms, visitor centers, maps and concession stands are throughout the park. Access for all is the parks departments goal making all visitors welcome.


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