Children’s Museum of Arts in New York City

by Denise Marie

Children’s Museum of Art’s is an art museum solely dedicated to children from all communities. It is located in the neighborhood of SoHo, Manhattan located at 103 Charlton Street, and has been inspiring kids, the next generation art lovers since 1989 when it opened its doors. CMA is a hands-on workshop that offers self-guided studies of performing arts.

CMA has one mission, and that mission is to keep kids interested with the beauty, structures and inspiration that come with all forms of art. They strive to secure each child’s future by giving back with outreach programmes, exhibitions, hands-on experiences and the art filled museum that is full of interactive activities for all ages to enjoy.

All families have access to the inventive tools that will help with promoting individualism that comes with expressing yourself through art. Each child is trained by professional artists through various collections, programmes and exhibitions. Celebrating New York City’s lifestyle is executed through partnered community organizations to help promote CMA.

CMA was first founded by Kathleen Schneider in 1988. It sits in Manhattan right in the middle of SoHo since its creation and employs in-house artists to work with children directly through its nonprofit organization. Over the years the museum has grown to what is considered a monumental landmark. With the teachings, the training programmes available and the giving back to the community makes the dreams come true to many children in today’s culture.

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Collection, Exhibits and Outreach Programmes
A day at CMA is always commendable with a 2,000 sq. ft. gallery, Clay Bar, Fine Art Studio, WEE Arts Studio that is dedicated to all young artists ranging from 1-5 years old, Quiet room for down time, and a Media Lab and Sound Booth featuring state of the art equipment.

A permanent collection of art is maintained with more than two thousand drawings and paintings from 50 different countries dating all the way back to the 1930s. The entire collection is made up of stunning fixtures that have been a huge influence with the teaching. Some of the great collections include The International Collection, The Kuniyoshi Collection, The Young Artists Residency Collection and The Operation Healing Collection.

The outreach programmes are second to none ranging from community needs, free summer programmes, teen programmes, and inclusive programmes for all ages. CMA is committed to making sure schools and all children have the access needed to further the education of arts. With this said, they provide art instruction to all community camps and schools with special programmes to accommodate all needs.

Visiting CMA
The museum welcomes all visitors, of all ages. There are general business hours that vary day to day. Special hours apply to different studios. There is street parking as well as many transportation options that includes Subway, Bus, Path Train, and Car. CMA offers membership that gives all membership holders endless benefits such as discounts on parties and special invite only events. All proceeds are giving back to the museum to help support daily operations and to continue to provide the ongoing community help that is needed.

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