Chocolate Tours in New York City

by NYJ Team

Are you looking for something special to do in New York City? Are you a chocolate lover or do you simply enjoy the world of fine food creation? The New Cuisine Tour takes a new twist on the most classic and beloved foods in the world – chocolate. The tour takes visitors to the stores and boutiques of chocolatiers who bring their own personal touch to this wonderful art of creating culinary masterpieces. This two-hour walking tour will bring you a wonderful opportunity to meet the owners face to face, taste their wares and bring home a selection of your favorite chocolates.


The New Cuisine Chocolate tour leaves every Sunday at noon – rain or shine – from Spring Street in Soho. Participants get to visit a number of unique chocolate boutiques owned by people from different ethnic and professional backgrounds. The tour includes a visit to Kee’s Chocolates, where visitors get to taste Asian-style chocolates created by the owner, Kee Ling Tong. The tour also takes you to MarieBelle Chocolates, where guests receive the royal treatment and get to try blue chocolates that match the decor!


Another shop that is visited on the New Cuisine Chocolate Tour includes Vosges Haut-Chocolat where chocolate is flavored with exotic spices such as curry or paprika. Finally, tourists will visit the Jacques Torre Chocolate Factory where they can watch the magical transformation of cocoa beans to chocolate bars.


The tour includes complimentary tastings at all the venues that are visited, as well as a hot or iced chocolate drink. There will be plenty of opportunity for visitors to make their own personal purchases of chocolates at these stores. It is highly recommended that visitors come equipped with a backpack to facilitate carrying their extra purchases items during the tour. The tour starts at a reasonable $70 and does not include pocket money, gratuities (which are obviously optional) and items of personal nature.


Tour participants are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes due to the nature of the excursion. In addition, they are also advised to dress in layers so that they can easily move from the heated stores to the cooler air outside without the need to deal with bulky clothing. Finally, visitors should bring with them a hefty appetite for chocolate! The tour needs to be booked 48 hours in advance.


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