Film Boot Camp

by NYJ Team

Are you hoping to break in to the film industry?  If so, you should come check out Oscar winner Larry Meistrich’s (Slingblade, New Jersey Drive) Film Boot Camp.  If you’re aspiring to work in film, this is a great way to learn, from someone who has done it all, the ins and outs of the business.  It is a direct, no-nonsense breakdown of the different areas of filmmaking.  From financing and scheduling, to writing, production, and post-production, all aspects are covered.  Larry’s lectures show the reality of filmmaking, along with giving personal stories to further elaborate. 

Anyone who has worked in film knows the difficulty of pitching your ideas.  That is where this boot camp excels; Larry provides the opportunity for everyone to pitch one of their ideas, and then provides ways he feels they could be improved.  It is a great way to practice pitching and to have an executive hear your ideas.  This is a rare opportunity that should be taken advantage of. 

For more information, go to  The New York Boot Camp will be on August 6-8 in New York City.  Student discount prices for tickets are available, along with film organization discounts.  If you have a great deal of experience or if you have little to no experience, all are welcome.  Anyone with a desire to know more about filmmaking should check this boot camp out.

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