Harlem Week 2009

by NYJ Team

Harlem Week is a two month long celebration of the diversity and culture of one of the world’s most famous neighborhoods – Harlem in New York City. In 1974, the idea of Harlem Day was created to pay tribute to the fascinating past and present of the neighborhood. A group of activists were intent on putting Harlem back on the map when it came to the cultural, religious and social development in the city. The one-day festivity soon gave way to Harlem Week – an event that slowly came to spread over the months of July and August each year. Today, this festival attracts over a million visitors who come to celebrate with locals.

This year’s Harlem Week will concentrate on the theme, “Historic Celebrations”. Visitors can join in the festivities and pay tribute to Harlem-inspired cultural events. Other exciting events include the New York City Children’s Festival that offers music, games, pony rides and petting zoos for the benefit of the neighborhood’s children. Senior citizens are also given their place of honor at the festival at the N.Y.C. Senior Citizen’s Day on August 11th. For a true experience of this wonderful, diverse New York location, the Harlem Week festival is definitely worth a visit in July and August! Check out NewYorkJourney.com for more on Harlem and the city’s history.

Click for the official site of Harlem Week.

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