Haunted Places in New York City

by NYJ Team

October is Halloween time and what better time in the year than to embark on a visit to some of New York City’s most famous haunted sites where ghosts have reportedly been spotted quite regularly. The oldest drinking establishment in New York, the Bridge Café, opened up in 1847 and many claim to have seen the ghosts of pirates who might have trafficked in the area under the Brooklyn Bridge and used the café as their drinking hole. The ghost of the Beatles legend, John Lennon, as well as other personalities, reportedly roam around the Dakota on Central Park West. Lennon was assassinated outside the Dakota in 1980.

For visitors who want to tie in some regular site seeing with ghost hunting, the Empire State Building’s observatory may be a good place to begin. Many people have claimed to see the ghosts of suicide victims who used the observatory as place to jump to their death. Mark Twain frequents the house where he once resided – 14 West 10th Street and joins as many as 22 other ghostly inhabitants of this address who also lived in the house over the years.

For a taste of ghostly aristocracy, visitors can make their way down to the Morris-Jumel Mansion on Jumel Terrace to see the spirits of some of the inhabitants of this 1765 summer home. Among the ghosts that they might be lucky to see are the mistress of the mansion, Eliza Jumel and a soldier from the American Revolution. Finally, for a truly historical spiritual encounter, visitors can watch out for the ghost of New York’s Dutch governor, Peter Stuyvesant, who was buried in an underground vault of St. Marks-in-the-Bowery Church in 1678, and whose ghost reportedly still roams this beautiful old chapel.

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