Hudson RiverFlicks runs July 11 to August 24

by NYJ Team

Within the boundaries of the Hudson River Park that extends for five miles along the Manhattan shoreline, New York locals and visitors can enjoy one of the city’s coolest summer entertainment slots – the Hudson RiverFlicks. From the middle of July until the final week of August, viewers can make their way down to the riverside and watch some of the greatest films in the history of the industry. Against the backdrop of starry skies and the sound of the water, the Hudson Riverflicks remain a firm favorite among New Yorkers throughout the hot summer months.

The films – traditionally cult favorites – begin when it starts to get dark, usually around 8.30 or 9 pm. Not only are the movies free, but the event’s managers also hand out free popcorn to viewers! Now that’s what we call a bargain??

Films are shown at Pier 54 on Wednesday nights and at Pier 46 on Friday nights. The 2007 film lineup promises to be highly entertaining, with current blockbusters elbowing for viewing time with classic favorites. Visitors can watch ??Rocky Balboa??, ??Nacho Libre?? and the ??Matrix?? in July, while August is reserved for films such as ??Stripes??, ??Gladiator??, ??Beerfest?? and ??Superman Returns??.

Children are also promised fantastic entertainment, including firm favorites such as ??Charlotte’s Web??, ??Babe??, ??Back to the Future?? and ??Happy Feet??. For four years running, the Hudson Riverflicks have screened the 1971 classic, ??Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory??.

Visitors can also enjoy other features of the Hudson River Park such as boating and fishing, music and other forms of entertainment that are offered throughout the summer months.

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