NYC Now Has The Largest Green Limo Fleet

by NYJ Team

In launching Hybrid Limo Express, CTG has given NYC the largest Hybrid fleet of limousines anywhere in the world.

Press Release – When Corporate Transportation Group (CTG) decided to launch its new green limousine service, it didn’t put a toe in the water; it jumped in head-first.  The result is a division called Hybrid Limo Express and the largest fleet of hybrid limousines anywhere in the world. These include black Lexus’, black Camry’s, and black Toyota Highlanders – giving Manhattan’s A-List a green tint.

As Eduard Slinin, President and CEO of CTG, says, “When I was looking to add a green edge to my business, I had to do it in style. People love going green today, but they’re not going to do it if they can’t look good.” Today, Hybrid Limo Express boasts a fleet of 200 luxury hybrid vehicles. It has grown rapidly, with revenues exceeding $12 million in just its first year.

The idea began in 2007, when Mr. Slinin began building his hybrid fleet in preparation for upcoming NYC fuel-efficiency standards. Approved in early 2008 by NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), Hybrid Limo Express has since expanded its fleet of hybrid vehicles to become the fastest growing provider of green vehicles in the New York Tri-State area.

“We see this as a revolutionary shift in the car service industry. A cleaner, brighter, smarter way to travel in and around the city while reducing our carbon footprint,” says Mr. Slinin.

Now in full swing, CTG’s Hybrid Limo Express promises an estimated 45% improved fuel economy and a cleaner, quieter service for its clients and for New York. As the first green limousine service in New York, Corporate Transportation Group, Ltd. is ahead of the curve in its industry.

Some current rates are (note rates are subject to change):

  • Anywhere in Manhattan to LaGuardia (and vice versa) – $48
  • Anywhere in Manhattan to JFK (and vice versa) – $63
  • Times Square to trendy Meatpacking District – $26
  • Union Square to Times Square – $23

Click to visit the Hybrid Limo Express website.

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