Looking for some indoor winter activities?

by NYJ Team

While January and February are considered the coldest months in New York City, this is not to say that visitors cannot enjoy a host of entertaining attractions. What better place to gain a real perspective of the size and glory of the City that Never Sleeps than the Empire State Building. Two observatory decks – one the 86th and the other on the 102nd floor – enable visitors to view the magnificent metropolis of New York from incredible heights. The 86th floor is 320 meters off the ground and is accessed through high-speed elevators that take visitors to a heated, glass enclosed area. Open promenades with binocular-hiring services, as well as souvenir shops are also available on this floor. For those seeking a slightly higher view, the relatively newer 102nd floor observatory will provide just that.

One of the most popular attractions in New York – especially during the winter months – is the New York Skyride, situated on the 2nd floor of the Empire State Building. Here visitors get to enjoy a virtual tour simulator that takes them on an aerial ride of New York City. The experience includes motions seats, state of the art technology and extra high screens.

Two must-do museum visits in the winter months include the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. The former is one of the world’s leading science institutions and offers visitors the chance to view breathtaking collections and exhibitions that highlight the history of the earth – from the time of evolution to the present day.

The Museum of Modern Art, located in Midtown Manhattan, is one of the world’s foremost museums of this type of art. Over 2.5 million people pass through this institution’s doors each year to view its unparalleled collections and exhibitions dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

The winter months are definitely a good time to enjoy some of the best that New York City has to offer!

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