Italian American Museum in New York City

by Denise Marie

The Italian American Museum can be found in the heart of Little Italy, Manhattan New York. It is located at 155 Mulberry Street in conjunction on Mulberry and Grand Street. The museum is a celebration of the Italian American culture with its achievements and struggles made throughout history. The museum was officially employed by the University of New York’s Education Department in 2001 with means to maintain and establish an institution or gallery solely dedicated to Italian Americans.

It is more than a museum thought, it has a sole purpose to document all contributions made by Italian civilians and its descendants to society by philosophers, scientists, adventurers and explorers. It is a great reference point to learn the story of everyday life that flourished and progressed in the United States to becoming the fifth biggest ethnic group in the country, not the world.

The museum is located where the Banca Stabile first originated. Banca Stabile was a bank in the 1885 founded by Francesco Stabile that housed more than just financials it was a shipping point for immigrants that imported in from Italy. It became a center point for Italians with postal services, travel planning and more.
The main objective of the museum is to display the many ways Italian Americans not only influenced New York, but the entire United States. The building has been renovated throughout the years and is the permanent home of the museum.

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Exhibits and Events
Many exhibits take place, in present time and the past that consists of artifacts, illustrations and memorabilia that displays the struggles of the Italian Americans culture. Informational lectures, films, festivals and music programs are offered on a regular basis that displays a more in-depth look into the antiquity.

Past Exhibits
Madonna di Pietranico
National Enquirer and I1 Progresso
Presepio Napoletano
Italian Americans in Law Enforcement; Petrosino, Serpico, Sprizzo
Dresses of Transformation by Caterina Bertolotto
Faith and Identity; Saint Dominic Church and the Italian Americans of Brooklyn
The Italians of New York; The Immigrant Experience, “Banca Stabile”

Museum Goals and Aims
Besides educating visitors about the intriguing history of the Italian American immigrants the museum has implemented many goals and aims that consist of establishing and continuing to solely display the contributions made to society.

Gathering reminiscences of the oral histories, documents and memorabilia and keeping the archives in order of the massive collection is high priority so that all visitors can fully appreciate and understand the history of this interesting culture. Collecting the artifacts and preserving the appropriate objects with special programs, lectures, films, theater, festivals and art exhibitions are available for public appreciation and awareness.

Visiting the Museum
The museum is open daily and can be reached by bus, car and subway. Museum merchandise can be purchased in-store as well as online. The museum is a great landmark for the entire family to learn about the history and culture of the Italian immigrants and the uncountable contributions made by descendants of the American society.

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