June in New York City

by NYJ Team

Looking for a taste of everything? Visiting New York in June is a must for you then. The weather isn’t too hot and even though the city is bustling, it’s not yet unpleasantly busy with the rush of summer visitors.

Average highs and lows of 79F (26C) and 64F (18C) still means the occasional sweater and umbrella use is necessary, but with outdoor season starting in NYC, the cooler days are few and far between.

The numerous outdoor music and film festivals which include the Bryant Park Film Festival, Jazz Festival and Shakespeare in the Park should give travellers a great taste of New York’s cultural scene. Most of these festivals are also free of charge. It is advisable to pack a picnic basket and a blanket to make the events just that much more comfortable.

June also welcomes the annual Museum Mile Festival (June 8), Puerto Rican Day Parade (June 13) and Lesbian and Gay Pride Week (June 19 to 27) – entertainment in true cosmopolitan New York style. June in New York is definitely a time for the outdoors and cultural experiences.

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