National Geographic Article | Miracle Above Manhattan

by NYJ Team

The following is taken from the article Miracle Above Manhattan, in the April 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine.

“Walking on the High Line is unlike any other experience in New York. You float about 25 feet above the ground, at once connected to street life and far away from it. You can sit surrounded by carefully tended plantings and take in the sun and the Hudson River views, or you can walk the line as it slices between old buildings and past striking new ones. I have walked the High Line dozens of times, and its vantage point, different from that of any street, sidewalk, or park, never ceases to surprise and delight. Not the least of the remarkable things about the High Line is the way, without streets to cross or traffic lights to wait for, ten blocks pass as quickly as two.”

Click to read the full article on the National Geographic website.

The Caledonia, with its walls of glass, is one of many apartment houses newly constructed along the High Line.

Photo Credit: Diane Cook and Len Jenshel/National Geographic

Credit: National Geographic

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