New York’s Best Parks

by NYJ Team

New York City is home to some of the best parks in the world. We highlight some of the city’s top parks:

Central Park
Covering 6% of the entire Manhattan area, Central Park is probably the location best associated with the city. This park is a haven for New Yorkers seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and incorporates a number of attractions in its 843 acres. Visitors can enjoy biking, walks, skating, swimming and a number of top sports facilities. In addition, other major attractions include the Central Park Zoo, the Children’s Zoo, restaurants, interesting architecture, regular shows and programs, as well as breathtaking nature.

Prospect Park
Set in Brooklyn, and bordering on diverse neighborhoods, Prospect Park covers 585 acres and offers visitors the chance to enjoy many attractions. These include the popular Long Meadow, a 60-acre lake, hillsides, boating and picnicking. The park – which attracts a whopping 7-million visitors a year – is popular for its natural features and offers city dwellers an oasis in the middle of the city’s most populous borough.

Bryant Park
Set in midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park is a magnet for business people wishing to take their lunch surrounded by greenery and nature. Visitors – which number over 20,000 each day – can enjoy many of the amenities, including a French Carousel, traditional games such as chess, regular shows and displays, dining and nature watching on one of the 2000 moveable chairs scattered around the park.

Madison Square Garden
This historic park, covering 6.2 acres between Fifth and Madison avenues in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, enjoyed a revival in 2002 after it was rid of crime elements and a project was launched to build a playground, a successful dining area and other amenities to attract the crowds. Today, visitors enjoy flourishing gardens, regular cultural programs and a place for the whole family to visit.

Hudson River Park
Built to incorporate five miles of parkland and waterfront, visitors to Hudson River Park will find an enormous array of sports and community facilities. Visitors can enjoy boating, walking, cycling, ballgames and other physical activities. In addition, the park regularly hosts educational and cultural programs that attract young and old. features a detailed list of attractions in New York City.

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