New York’s Best Chocolate Shops

by NYJ Team

It comes as no surprise that in a city that brings us some of the top culinary offerings in the world, will also be home to the best chocolate shops on earth. Chocolate loving visitors to New York City should take some time to explore these magnificent locations and sample their delights.

Jacques Torre, Frenchman and chocolate master extraordinaire, has opened two shops in New York City, one in Brooklyn, known as D.U.M.B.O, and the other on Hudson Street. D.U.M.B.O, in pure European style, offers handmade delicacies by Torre himself, and allows visitors to view the entire chocolate-making process from huge windows within the store. Café-style tables welcome visitors to rest while they taste these delightful creations. In the Hudson Street store, Torre makes chocolates out of beans using authentic vintage equipment and, again, allows visitors a peek into the marvelous process.  

The MarieBelle flagship store on Broome Street in New York City, named for its founder and designer, Maribel Lieberman, is true heaven for chocolate lovers. This is where gifted confectioners let their imaginations run wild with the finest chocolate ingredients, eclectic ingredients and innovative ideas to create true works of art, wrapped up as beautifully as the aesthetic surroundings in the store. Visitors can mingle among antique furniture and glass cabinets as they select whatever their hearts’ desire. 

Finally, visitors won’t want to miss a chocolatier with a difference. Kee Lee Tong Kee’s Chocolates, founded in 2002, has taken the city by storm and has earned itself a global reputation among top connoisseurs. Situated in the fashionable SoHo suburb, Kee Chocolates uses the finest ingredients – some seasonal and some available all year round – to create delicious hand-made offerings at reasonable prices.

New York City features some great chocolate walking tours.

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