New York City Library

by Denise Marie

Dating back to 1886 the New York Library is a public library organization with more than 90 locations including four research centers found all across New York with branches located in Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx. It is considered the second largest library in the country and world. It is managed by an independent nonprofit organization. More than 15 million people visit the library each year and more than 1.5 million people have obtained a New York Library card.

The Main Research Library is known for its numerous appearances in famous films and television shows. The library’s main focus is on social sciences, humanities, business, culture and industry. The library system provides more than 50 million items that are all open and free access to all electronic and physical information and collections. Each year there are many exhibitions and programs offered including learning, technology and researching services.

Back when New York was developing and becoming one of the most unique cities known for its urban culture is when the origin of the library was created. In the latter part of the 19th the growing of New York City was to become one of the most populous cities therefore a proper library was a must resulting in the request of Samuel J. Tilden who donated $2.4 million for the creation of the library. More than $5.0 million was donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1901 for the creation of the branches. In 1911 was when the main research library was opened to the public.

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Research Libraries
There are four research libraries with the main one located at Fifth Avenue and 42th Street. The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is the main research library consisting of a Beaux Arts structure that has been open since the early 1900’s. It was designed by Carrere and Hastings and is famous for its main reading room. It is a fully accessible center that is open daily.

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Dorothy and Lewis B Cullman Center is located at 40 Lincoln Center Plaza that is open daily and is fully accessible.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is partially accessible located at 515 Malcolm X Boulevard and is closed on Monday’s.

The fourth research organization is the Science, Industry and Business Library that is located on Madison Avenue and 34th Street.

Visiting the New York Library
Research libraries, main reading room and circulating libraries are open to the public. Library cards are free for those who reside, work and study in New York City. All other visitors must obtain a library card for a minimal fee. Visitors come to the New York Library from more than 200 countries each year. There are many exhibitions, collections and services to be offered including online collections. The New York Library is a memory icon for one that seeks great knowledge. Its uncountable collections top the highest entities in the world such as the Library of Congress and the British Library. Click here to read more on New York Public Library.


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