New York City Waterfalls

by NYJ Team

From July to October, 2008, visitors to New York and residents alike will be able to enjoy a breathtaking artistic creation in the form of “New York City Waterfalls.” The city’s non profit Public Art Fund, a leading presenter of artists’ projects for over thirty years, has commissioned renowned Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson to produce four waterfalls in the East River, the intention being to draw attention to the waterfront area of New York.

On display each day from 7 am. to late at night, the 90 – 120 feet tall waterfalls can be viewed from a number of strategic points around the city, although the best way to see them up close would be from the water. Visitors have the option of taking a half hour Waterfalls Water Tour that runs over a dozen times a day from Southstreet Seaport. Another alternative would be to take the free daily Staten Island Ferry or the free Governors Island Ferry that runs over the weekend.

The four waterfalls, situated at Brooklyn Bridge, Governors Island, Pier 35 in Manhattan and Piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn, can also be viewed from the waterfront.

Eliasson, whose work is inspired by the natural elements such as wind, light and water, and who is considered one of the world’s most influential contemporary artists, has taken great care to produce his four masterpieces with an environmental agenda. Filtering systems protect the fish and aquatic life in the water around the waterfalls, and green energy and building practices were used at all times.

The project’s curator, Rochelle Steiner said: “He has found a way to integrate the spectacular beauty of nature into the urban landscape on a dramatic scale.”

After sunset, the four waterfalls will be illuminated to allow visitors from miles around to enjoy these magnificent man-made creations and the beautiful New York City shoreline.

Click for the official site of the New York City Waterfalls.

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