New York Dance Parade – May 19, 2007

by NYJ Team

Dance Parade, that takes place in New York City on the 19th of May 2007, is one of the world’s largest parades of its kind. A festival that celebrates music and dance from around the world, this parade is one that will get the most conservative introvert’s foot tapping.

The parade follows the route from 32nd Street, down Broadway to Union Square and then on to 5th Avenue, ending up at Washington Square’s Memorial Arch. The parade is made up of hundreds of dancers and floats, along with live music and will be lined with thousands of people cheering on. Once in the park, visitors will be treated to an array of international dance sequences – from Breakdance and Hip Hop to Irish Step and Salsa. All forms of dance are embraced at the festival and even dance experts should learn a thing or two. Visitors are also encouraged to participate in the dancing on one of the four huge stages that will be erected around the park. Live bands, DJs and musicians will provide the music.

The Dance Parade is backed by a non-profit organization which works to promote dance as an art, a form of exercise and a way of life with which people can freely express themselves. There is no better setting for such a grand event than the cosmopolitan New York City. Click for more details on the 2007 New York Dance Parade.

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