New York’s Best Free Attractions

by NYJ Team

With accommodation and shopping in New York costing more than other vacation destinations in the world, it is great to know that there are plenty of exciting and worthwhile places to visit that are totally free of charge.


  1. Central Park: Possibly the most famous of New York City’s landmarks, this expansive park of over 843 acres is the perfect escape destination from the sky-scrapers and hustle and bustle of the Big City. Includes parks, pathways, a zoo, lakes, play areas, sculpture and other exciting features.
  1. Staten Island Ferry: Not the fanciest of vessels, but a visitor can grab a great view of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
  1. Grand Central Station: Might not be considered a typical tourist spot, but this building originally constructed in 1913 has recently been renovated and restored.
  1. Times Square: Become one of the 26 million people who visit Times Square every year to see some of the Broadway shows, fancy dining venues, exquisite lights and experience the general vibe.
  1. Rockefeller Center: A classic Art-Deco building constructed during the 1930s, this location is a combination of very interesting and attractive features.
  1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral: This cathedral first opened to the public in 1879 and is the largest gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the country.
  1. New York Public Library: A large marble building constructed in 1911, the library has an extremely impressive collection of books as well as several interesting temporary exhibitions.

For a list of other great things to see and do in New York City both free and paid, check out our attractions guide.

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