On Location Tours in New York City

by NYJ Team

If you love the glitz and glam of the entertainment world, you don’t need to travel to Hollywood to get a feel for the industry. New York City is home and backdrop to some of the greatest television shows and movies that have ever graced the silver screens, and by joining one of the ??On Location Tours’, you too can experience the excitement of this world.


Sex and the City Hotpots

This unique On Location tour will take you to most of the spots around New York City that were seen in the famous television series, ??Sex and the City??. Visitors get to follow in the footsteps of Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha – all from the comfort of a luxury tour bus – for over 3 and a half hours. The bus leaves in front of the Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel daily (except Christmas Day). The tour includes over forty locations seen in the series, including Aidan’s furniture store and the famous store in Soho where Carrie bought her shoes. The tour includes several stop offs including Carrie’s apartment balcony, Charlotte’s art gallery and the bakery where the stars bought their cupcakes. A true treat for ??Sex and the City?? fans!


New York TV and Movie Sites

This 3? hour bus tour will take you to over 100 locations that represent the true history of television and film in New York City. Besides the entertainment aspect of the tour, this is also an excellent way to see Manhattan from the comfort of a luxury coach bus. The tour will also take visitors to peek at the homes of some of New York’s celebrities. Some of the highlights of the tour include a visit to the apartment building where the stars of the hit TV series, ??Friends?? lived and the steps of the townhouse belonging to the Cosby family. The tour also includes a stopover at the diner made famous in films such ??Men in Black and ??Manhattan?? and the firehouse used in the movie, ??Ghostbusters??. The tour begins in Times Square and then heads down south to Greenwich Village and the East Village, before heading up to the Upper East Side and along Central Park on 5th Avenue before returning to Times Square.


Sopranos Sites

Nothing embodies the spirit of true New York entertainment such as the hit series, ??The Sopranos??. This four-hour tour leaves every Saturday and Sunday in front of the Garment District Button (39th Street/7th Avenue) and will take you to over 40 locations made famous by the television program. Highlights of the tour include a look into the Bada Bing, some of the sites filmed in the opening credits (including Pizzaland and the Muffler Man) and a visit the high school where A.J. dumped pizza into the swimming pool. The tour also includes an interesting talk on The Sopranos, over a cannoli – in true Italian spirit! The tour includes several quick stop offs and three extended stops at various locations around the city.


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