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by Denise Marie

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States of America from France in 1886 and is the most familiar and tallest landmarks in the USA and the world. Liberty Enlightening the world is what the statue’s official name is. Immigrant’s first glimpse to America was this monumental piece as she held her head up high to greet all visitors that were coming here so they could have their freedom. In 1924 is when it was declared or designated as a National Monument with being restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986. Lady Liberty traveled to the United States in pieces packed into 214 boxes.

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Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi sculpted this grace of beauty weighing around 225 tons and measures from foot to flame 152 feet. Her index finger is around 8 feet long and her nose 4 ½ feet. When she was first created her skin color was copper. Over the years the sun has turned her hair and other parts of her body different colors. There are a total of 142 steps that travel from her feet all the way to her crown. She holds her lit torch up high as she stands on the 89 foot pedestal designed by Richard Morris. Emma Lazarus’s poem lies on the base of the bronze plaque at the bottom reciting lines from “The New Colossus”.

The Statue of Liberty resides on Liberty Island in New York Harbor with her torch lighting the skies from many miles away. Since it can be overlooked quite easily, there are ferry rides that are operational to Liberty Island so tourists and other visitors can enjoy the sites of this historical monument. July 2009 is when visitors were allowed to visit since 2001 after the tragic event of 9/11 occurred.

Back in 1886 a ceremony in dedication was held with former New York Governor and President Grover Cleveland leading the event. A parade was held in celebration with more than a million people that watched as they gracefully occupied the streets. Grand Marshal of the parade was General Stone.

Passes are available for purchase to visit at an observation level along with a visit to Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Inside the statue is where the museum is that offers all of the important aspects of the arrival, creation and other interesting facts ranging from the original torch and a full replica of Lady Liberty’s face. There are daily tours that limit the amount of participants to around 3,000 per day.

The Statue of Liberty had her 125th birthday on October 28, 2011. The celebration was eventful with many fun filled events that took place. Lady Liberty has become everything and more of what its creators have dreamt of. To this day this has become one of the most powerful symbols that represents the United States of America and what freedom stands for.

If you’re ever in New York make sure to visit New York Harbor and Liberty Island to see Lady Liberty standing tall greeting visitors and celebrating freedom. You can purchase tour and ferry tickets at many places except for on the island itself. There are different levels of visitation that includes visiting her crown, ground level, the pedestal or just an observatory tour where you can navigate through the inner structure.

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