Things to Do With the Kids in New York

by NYJ Team

New York is one of the most child-friendly cities in the world. With so much for kids to enjoy in the city, the only danger is not having enough time as an adult to enjoy the hundreds of other attractions.

The Central Park Zoo is a whole day affair by itself. Boasting one of the world’s most extensive collections of animals from around the world, the Central Park Zoo is a must-see for all families.

The Zoo’s latest attraction is Seven – a seal pup rescued in the harbor. Seven’s charming disposition has captivated the hearts of thousands of visitors to the Zoo and has resulted in more awareness of the danger which marine life suffers as a result of man’s carelessness.

Another newcomer to the Zoo’s family is a new-born colobus monkey. This birth tops off a very successful breeding program undertaken by the Zoo to boost the numbers of endangered species in captivity.

Staying with wildlife, the New York Aquarium – complete with Aquatheater, tours and 3D ??Deep Sea Submarine?? – offers visitors a look at the world’s most exotic sea creatures. The Aquatheater is the aquarium’s main attraction with shows thrice daily. Besides for an in-depth and non-intrusive education for the kids, the Central Park Zoo and New York Aquarium are an excellent way for the whole family to enjoy a day in New York.

Another way to open one’s children’s minds without making it too obvious is a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. The museum boasts one of the largest collections of vertebrate fossils in the world, totalling more than one million. This includes two complete dinosaur skeletons. Besides for the sheer wonderment of the American Museum of Natural History’s architecture, the museum offers a comprehensive layout with regards to evolutionary history, clearly explaining the journey of all animals to where they stand today.

The physical displays are coupled with scientific explanations of the planet’s vast history and are sure to leave even the most sceptical history and science ??students?? in complete awe.

A holiday to New York with the kids should not be a burden, but rather a worthwhile experience for the whole family. New York really is a city with so much to offer.

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