Times Square not just for New Year’s Eve!

by Denise Marie

Times Square is one of New York’s main attractions and is the crossroad’s of the world. It was first named Longacre Square changing its name in 1904. The name change occurred after The New York Times relocated to the Times Building which is now known as One Times Square. Located at Seventh Avenue and Broadway it extends all the way from 42nd all the way to West 47th Street.

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Times Square is a major commercial intersection and popular destination for many reasons such as New Year’s Eve and the annual ball drop event and the Broadway shows along with the exhilarating atmosphere and the pulsating energy it possesses. This is a joining venture for many tourists, locals and performers bringing people from all over the world together. Many activities are accommodated as well as many underground passages, streetscapes, eateries and much more.

There is a history that lies behind Times Square that begins in the 19th century. The New York Times built the Times Tower in 1904 on 43rd street to replace its premises in the downtown area. Even after in 1913 when The New York Times moved once again across Broadway, the name stuck with the natives and never changed. There were more than 250 shows by 1928 and more than 75 theaters that developed.

Adolph Ochs, The New York Times publisher consulted with the mayor about the construction of a nearby subway station. This was when the rise to building boom accelerated and the electronic advertising began. After the Great Depression is when visitors stopped visiting. The next few decades were filled with tons of criminal activity giving visitors and locals a decline to visit.

The Embassy Theatre was built in 1925. Ran by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, this high society motion picture house made history by being the only theatre ran by solely woman. It was in 1929 when the Embassy sparked a trend that went national for becoming the very first newsreel theatre in the USA. When you visit the Embassy Theatre, which is now the Times Square Visitors Center, you will be able to watch the 5 minute documentary that tells the Times Square story presenting the stories over the past century.

Times Square is clearly a symbol of what the American spirit is all about and is home to many attractions such as the Tussauds Wax Museum, Good Morning America, MTV, Best Buy Theater and the Hard Rock Café. It remains the busiest district in the world not only for the theaters but the history behind it and monumental it will always be.

The congestion of the crowds brings forth the true authenticity of what Times Square is all about. The Times Square Visitors Center is where to visit first as it provides services such as the ability to purchase tickets to all Broadway shows, tours, upcoming attractions and maps and free brochures of Times Square.

Times Square has regained itself in the past two decades with returning crowds, creativity of locals and tourists and being an international icon once again.

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