Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Men

by NYJ Team

Some where down the line men begin to tire of soap-on-a-rope, socks and underwear – not that we love you any less for giving them to us. But what do we really want – other than Angelina Jolie all wrapped up in a bow?
Here’s a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for men this Festive Season.

  1. An Xbox 360 – you may not see us much but we’ll love you forever!
  2. Cologne – A safe bet providing you know his favorite fragrance or what suits him best.
  3. A book – Books are one of the best gifts you can give (providing that you really consider the man you’re buying it for) – remember not all men adore 18th century poetry. If all else fails get him a book voucher, that way he’ll get something he really wants – even if it is a magazine.
  4. A weekend getaway / holiday package to one of the great New York hotels – Everyone dreams of getting spoilt with a gift like this.
  5. The latest iPod.
  6. The DVD box set of his favorite television show – No?? ??Sex in the City?? is Y.O.U.R favorite show; get him something he really loves – even if you can’t bear the thought of being subjected to it.
  7. A spa day at a luxurious New York City hotel – We hate to admit it but men love a little pampering and attention.
  8. A watch – all men treasure a good watch, it’s as close to jewelry as some of us ever get.
  9. Season tickets to the Knicks – No New York male could resist this.
  10. A box of Cuban cigars – Need I say more??

Have I left anything out?

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