Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by NYJ Team

As always everyone’s wondering what to get for the special person in their lives for Valentine’s Day. After thinking about if for a while we came up with the following:

Jewelry – Whether you’re buying for a man or a woman; jewelry is always a good idea.
Dangerously Decedent Chocolates – Now I’m not talking about your standard box of choccies but your local chocolatiers finest treats.
Sexy Lingerie – A gift for both of you.
Flowers – Roses are so last year, go for something out of the ordinary. Giving your partner a bunch of their birth flowers is always a hit.
Breakfast in Bed – Who wouldn’t want to be spoilt with a delicious and leisurely breakfast in bed?
Love Fern – For any one who’s seen the movie ??How to lose a guy in 10 days??
Robe – A plush bath robe is a wonderful gift.
Fragrance – Treat your olfactory senses by giving your partner the fragrance you think smells sexiest on them.
A Hotel Stay – The ultimate treat for couples craving some time away from every day life and its realities.
A Treasure Hunt – Leave little clues all over the house with little presents along the way.
Bubbles – A bottle of their favorite champagne.

These are just a few ideas for Valentine’s Day. What are you getting your loved one this year? Better still, what are you hoping to get?

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